An effective time management system goes hand in hand with efficient HR management and an innovative HR policy!

Time and activity management software monitors time and attendance, in compliance with regulations. It simplifies payroll processing.

Beyond the benefits for HR, it is a valuable tool for supervisors to effectively manage their teams. It is also a visible element of the employer brand, with innovative services for employees.

  • Time and Attendance Management

    Time management automates all the HR time and attendance tracking processes, as well as payroll calculation.

    This eTemptation module is often the basis of any time, schedule and activity management project. It sends data to the other associated modules such as workforce scheduling and activity tracking.

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  • Tracking Absences and Paid Leave

    Absence management tracks absenteeism throughout the company: calculate entitlements, record absences and paid leave, calculate accruals, integrate payroll.

    With eTemptation, electronic absence and leave management helps to reduce the time spent on one of the most time-consuming tasks in HR. Absences are effectively tracked and compliance is ensured.

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  • Self Service Time Management System

    The HR time management portal is the tool par excellence for electronic HR processes.

    The self service time management system delivers innovative HR services to managers and employees: submit online absence requests, view personal data, view team schedules, request corrections.

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  • Clocking Terminals and Badge Readers

    Clocking terminals record accurate and indisputable time and attendance data.

    But they can also be used for other purposes, such as requesting absences or viewing information. Badge readers can be physical or virtual, providing the ability to clock-in online or via a smartphone.

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Definition of Time Management

All organisations, private or public, can benefit from time and activity management, regardless of their business sector, size and workforce numbers. A time and activity management solution answers these questions:

  • How can I improve my HR performance and boost productivity by automating repetitive and non-value-added processes?
  • How can I ensure that my human resources management (and my payroll process) complies with labour laws and company policy?
  • How can I improve the satisfaction of my managers and employees with electronic processes and new HR services?
  • How can I manage my company’s payroll more efficiently?

The main features expected from time management software include:

  • Manage time and attendance for employees and temporary staff.
  • Track absences and paid leave
  • Calculate variable payroll data
  • Provide electronic processes via a collaborative portal

A time and activity management system usually combines software, a traditional or web-based clocking device, and integration with the company’s payroll system.

It is often used in conjunction with modules for workforce scheduling and activity tracking, which in this case are integrated with the company’s ERP system.


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