Safety: the benefits of integrated systems


A study published in 2019, showed that after years of growth, investments in safety and security systems now seem to be stabilising.

Nevertheless, Safety Directors still plan to invest in strengthening the safety of their environment (buildings, equipment, employees and visitors, etc.). But now is the time for controlled expenses to achieve the best possible efficiency from systems implemented.


If the security guard market is now stable, access control systems, intrusion detection and even more, video surveillance, experience high growth rates. Market players are now seeing a strong combination of these tools in projects that are becoming increasingly global. The integration of these tools into a centralised security supervision solution leads to both economies of scale and greater efficiency.

For example, an access control system can accurately detect unauthorised access attempts and trigger a video recording to identify the person behind these attempts. The combination of intrusion detection and video means will also facilitate the identification of intruders.

Linking access control and intercom is also a good way to ensure secure access to a site while at the same time allowing the management of exceptional cases such as, for example, the reception of deliveries or visitors. For the latter, the visitor reception software will also allow their integration into the access control system in order to ensure their security during their visit.

This combination of means is not necessarily expensive or complex but it must be taken into account when launching the project. It presupposes an analysis of the threats and risks facing the organisation to design an adapted and scalable system. Even if not all of these means are deployed initially, it is important to ensure that the chosen system can evolve towards such integration.

With more than 30 years of experience in the field of safety and security solutions, Horoquartz offers a project methodology specifically focused on this risk analysis. The objective is simple: define the system best suited to the risk to be covered, with the best possible price/performance ratio, and able to adapt quickly to a change in context or objectives.

This also requires a global and modular solution in line with this approach. Protecsys 2 Suite  combines all the features expected from a high-level solution: access control, visitor management, intrusion detection, video surveillance, centralised supervision, barriers, card management. The deployment of these functionalities can be done à la carte, during the initial project, or gradually over time.


The IT department is involved in 85% of decisions concerning physical security systems. And for good reason, software and devices for access control, intrusion detection or video surveillance are largely based on the IT infrastructure of company. In the IT criteria to be taken into account for the choice of a solution, the portability of the application occupies a special place. Choosing a solution that works on multiple environments (operating system, database) is both a guarantee of independence and also sustainability as investment in business applications and electronic devices will be preserved in the event of a change of platform. Horoquartz has always been committed to offer open and portable applications so that its customers are not locked in a technological choice

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