Video surveillance is essential for security in organisations. It is even more effective when integrated into the security system.

A CCTV system uses fixed or mobile cameras, paired with an image storage and exploitation system. Horoquartz designs all the components of your video surveillance system as part of a global security system. Video surveillance is even more effective when combined with access control and intrusion detection.

It is clear that CCTV acts as a deterrent, especially when the system is visible and warning signs are posted.
Professional IP Camera
A complete range of professional IP cameras
Key components of a professional video surveillance system:

Horoquartz provides all the components and services for high-level corporate video surveillance.

1 Professional IP cameras chosen for their reliability and performance. They can be used for indoor and outdoor video protection.
2 A range of fixed, dome or rail-mounted cameras to monitor a specific area or a larger space, in low light conditions (e.g. night vision) or in a disrupted environment.
3 Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras for recording vehicles accessing the site.
4 Systems for storing and viewing video surveillance images with partner solutions by Milestone and Camtrace.
5 Smart search and viewing capabilities with advanced mapping functions.
6 Complete integration on the company’s IP network: wired or wi-fi CCTV cameras, centralised video recorders.
7 Technologies to optimise data flows (video compression) and bandwidth consumption.
8 Interface with the other components of your security system: access control, alarms, audio and intercom systems.
9 The CCTV cameras can be configured to begin filming when an alarm, motion sensor or presence detector is triggered, or for alarm verification.
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We worked with Horoquartz on developing and deploying a complete solution for access control, video surveillance and intrusion detection.

A Horoquartz professional video surveillance system has several key objectives.

Deter thefts, intrusions, aggressions

by clearly indicating the presence of surveillance cameras.

Facilitate identification

and proof in the event of a break-in or other incident.

Improve alarm verification

in order to effectively direct the response of the security guards or the police.

Secure the premises

with real-time monitoring of operations and production, especially the most sensitive or secret processes.

Improve the overall effectiveness

of the security system by interfacing with the access control and intrusion detection systems.

Keep your staff safe

by protecting them from ill-intentioned and potentially aggressive people.

You can’t just install CCTV however you want and film whatever you want. The advantage of working with Horoquartz is that you get expert advice on deployment and legal compliance.


A video surveillance system is above all a project involving the integration of multiple components, which requires real expertise.

As a designer and installer, Horoquartz leverages an integrated approach.
  • We analyse your risks and threats, and identify areas to be monitored (offices, car parks, stores, stocks, production areas, cash registers, etc).
  • We design the architecture of your entire video surveillance solution.
  • We recommend the best equipment for you and show you how to interface it with the other components.
  • We deploy all the components for configuration, integration and testing: IP cameras, recorders, supervisor, connectors.
  • We handle your IT integration: operating system, database, security protocols, IP network configuration, data flow optimisation, version updates, etc.



For your General Management:
greater security and lower costs
  • Fewer burglaries, thefts and acts of vandalism, thanks to the deterrent effect of video surveillance.
  • Lower security staffing and insurance costs.
  • Proof readily available in the event of an incident.
For the security officer:
more effective system
  • More agile response thanks to intelligent image analysis.
  • More efficient alarm verification, reducing unnecessary interventions.
  • Seamless integration in the general supervision system, facilitating the work of security staff who can view the images with ease.
For the IT manager:
a solution integrated into the IT architecture
  • A multi-site, multi-company solution that eliminates the need for a variety of different local video surveillance solutions.
  • Lower infrastructure costs, with all the components connected to the IP network.
  • Technical support team based in France.