Horoquartz’s Protecsys 2 Suite solution combines motion or presence detectors with deterrents such as audible alarms, flashing lights and fog generators. The system can be paired with remote surveillance services and video or audio technology. Security guards can take decisive action thanks to the total reliability of the solution, which avoids false alarms and minimises the risk of break-ins and intrusions into business premises.

To deter intruders, facilitate alarm verification and ensure rapid response by security guards or the police.
Intrusion Detection System
Intrusion Detection System
Key features of the intrusion detection system

Protecsys 2 Suite is a comprehensive and modular professional intrusion detection system. The solution includes all the equipment, hardware and software you need for effective threat detection and rapid, targeted intervention.

1 A complete range of automatic detectors (volumetric sensors, acoustic sensors, radar sensors, door opening sensors, infrared barriers, glass breakage sensors) and manual equipment (panic buttons, foot-operated alarms).
2 A complete alarm system with deterrent and warning equipment: siren, fog generator, flashing lights.
3 A combination access control / intrusion detection alarm control unit with wired or wireless connectivity and the ability to configure the control unit via a local keypad.
4 The ability to activate alarms from dedicated or combination badge readers (access + intrusion), with badge + PIN code systems.
5 Complete management of technical alarms and control systems, with manual or automatic arming.
6 Multi-site and multi-company graphic supervision: technical zones, intrusion zones, emergency exits, territories. Set intrusion alarm priorities so you can prioritize the interventions.
7 Automatic transmission of alarms to alert your remote surveillance operator or your security staffing provider by email, text message or SIA DC09 IP protocol with GPRS backup, compatible with the monitoring stations of the main remote surveillance operators (Securitas, Stanley, Scutum, Brinks, Sotel, etc).
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We needed a well-known, robust system for access control, alarm and intrusion detection and visitor management.
Intrusion detection to deter and take appropriate action

With Protecsys 2 Suite, Horoquartz offers an integrated vision of intrusion deterrence. The systems are paired with other access control, video surveillance and supervision modules to increase effectiveness.

Deter intrusions

with a reliable and robust detection and notification system, avoiding false alarms.

Take fast action

by immediately locating threats thanks to integrated supervision features paired with access control and IP CCTV cameras.

Listen and make voice announcements

by pairing the solution with an audio or intercom system.

Follow the right procedures

by applying the scenarios and instructions you have programmed.

Efficient integration

with your remote monitoring station and response teams.

A state of the art system

that complies with standards (electrical standards, operating tests, transmission confirmation, system maintenance, etc).


Solutions, services and integration for effective intrusion detection

We are proud to be an all-in-one partner for our customers, delivering a global solution tailored to the 3 levels of protection required.
  • Outer perimeter protection in order to secure the environment of your buildings (land, car parks, site entrances) with infrared detection systems or underground sensors for early identification of incidents.
  • Inner perimeter protection for the building itself, which consists of protecting doors, windows or gates with opening sensors, and break-in, attempted intrusion and intrusion detectors.
  • Volumetric protection inside buildings, with motion sensors or presence detectors.

Horoquartz offers a global solution including electronic equipment, related software and services. This way, you can be sure that the system meets your specific needs and that it complies with regulations: risk analysis, system design, installation and maintenance.

The Protecsys 2 Suite intrusion system can be interfaced with most existing systems. You’ll be able to use your equipment already in place (alarms, buttons, deterrents) and thus reduce your investment costs.

We worked with Horoquartz on developing and deploying a complete solution for access control, video surveillance and intrusion detection.
Key benefits of an intrusion detection system



For your General Management:
greater security and lower costs
  • A continuous anti-intrusion system that protects the site and reduces the risk of business interruptions.
  • Lower security staffing and insurance costs by sharply reducing the cost of claims.
  • A detection system that acts as a deterrent while remaining discreet.
For the security system operator:
more effective system
  • A proven reduction in intrusions, vandalism, sabotage, theft and burglaries.  
  • A deterrent vis-à-vis burglars resulting in fewer interventions and alarms.
  • A global, integrated access / intrusion / video / audio solution for better incident management and alarm verification.
For the IT manager:
a solution integrated into the IT architecture
  • A multi-site, multi-company solution that eliminates the need for a variety of different local solutions.
  • A fully web-enabled solution that eliminates the need for local monitoring stations and reduces operating costs.
  • The use of standard IT systems in line with the company’s strategy: operating systems (Windows or Linux), databases (SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL), IP protocol.