Secure access to your premises


to improve security in buildings and protect employees and visitors.

Based on your organisation’s IP network, it interfaces seamlessly with the other components of your security system: video surveillance, intruder detection, alarms, supervision.

For 80% of business leaders, protecting property and people is a strategic priority.
Key features of enterprise access control systems

Protecsys 2 Suite delivers advanced features for businesses that make security a priority.

1 Multi-site and multi-company access management software for decentralised organisations.
2 Access profiles with authorisations, access rights, authorised zones, time slots, customised parameters.
3 Badges featuring your company’s logo.
4 Anti-passback and anti-timeback systems to control access throughout the most secure sites (Seveso sites, critical infrastructure, Food Defense).
5 Integration with the time management software and the clocking system (native with eTemptation).
6 Building supervision module paired with intrusion detection and video surveillance (alarm verification).
7 Complete range of intelligent wireless locks (electronic locks).
8 Wide range of badge readers for different uses: doors, elevators, mantraps: RFID smart card readers and other technologies, with or without keypad, biometric fingerprint readers, digicodes.
9 Physical access control paired with an intercom system, for certain types of access (e.g. deliveries).
10 Complete range of pedestrian barriers: mantraps, 3-arm turnstiles, swing gates, full height turnstiles, access systems for disabled, security lanes.
11 Complete range of vehicle barriers: gates, drop arm barriers, retractable bollards and wedge barriers.
12 Parking management module with automated number plate recognition and long-range RFID badge reader.
13 Evacuation management module in the event of a fire alarm or other emergency.
14 IT communication tools (interfaces, web services, encryption)
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In addition to regulatory compliance, we needed to more effectively protect our personnel and facilities
Access control: the basis of any security system

An access control system such as Protecsys 2 Suite is the foundation of a solution for protecting premises, people and intellectual property (trade secrets, processes, data).

Key objectives of a security system

Protect your business premises

and infrastructures through strict access control.

Ensure traceability

of entries and exits via the reporting function.

Increase agility

through intelligent alarm management and accurate alarm verification.

Get an accurate count of people

present on site at any given time in the event of an alarm or fire.

Enhance protection

by combining CCTV, intrusion detection, visitor management and access control.

Cut down on the cost of security

with lower security staffing and insurance costs and fewer claims.

The application and equipment are reliable and robust. Security is a key priority for TIGF, and this strategic project was rolled out successfully


As a software developer, electronic equipment manufacturer and solutions integrator, Horoquartz is an all-in-one partner for all your safety and security needs.

Here is what we can offer you:
  • We will handle your project from start to finish: assessment of needs and threats, advice on selecting equipment, deployment and integration of solutions, assistance with regulatory declarations (duty to inform employee representatives and data privacy authorities, compliance with the GDPR and biometrics laws, etc.).
  • We will supply and install all the components of your system: access control software, badge readers, terminals, controllers, electrical wiring and computer cabling, civil engineering, barriers, locks, power supply units.
  • State-of-the-art IT solutions to facilitate integration into your IT system. Our solutions operate on Windows and Linux systems, support SQL Server, Oracle and PostgreSQL databases, and have web interfaces. The software is also available as a cloud-based solution.
  • Proven expertise and tried-and-tested methodology with over 1200 clients across all sectors of activity.
  • A complete maintenance service to guarantee the durability of your installation and continuity of service to operators.
This solution enabled us to considerably reduce our security staffing costs, and we also obtained a discount on our insurance premiums, because it does a great job of deterring potential burglars or intruders.
What can access control do for you and your teams?



For your general management:
reassure the ecosystem
  • A security system aligned with your specific risks is reassuring for your ecosystem (administration, customers, operators). 
  • An access control system tailored to the level of security required keeps costs to a minimum.
  • Less risk of intrusion, theft, sabotage and assault that could lead to operating losses or shutdowns.
  • Reduce your security-related costs, with lower security staffing and insurance costs and fewer claims.
For your security officer:
a global solution
  • An all-in-one partner who will manage the project from A to Z and keep the system operational at all times.
  • A scalable and comprehensive solution combining building access control with video protection, intrusion detection and supervision.
  • A methodology based on threat mapping in order to propose the best access control system and equipment for your specific needs.
  • The ability to integrate into your existing system (barriers, alarms, intrusion detection, etc.) with no disruptions.
  • Also available as a cloud-based solution in high security environments.
For your employees:
visible security
  • A greater sense of security in the workplace: less theft of personal belongings (e.g. in changing rooms), well-protected high-risk areas, reduced risk of physical violence.
  • Fewer minor infractions that can negatively impact day-to-day activities (e.g. parking in unauthorised spaces).
  • A constant reminder of the efforts made to keep people and property safe.
  • A greater sense of belonging thanks to a personalised badge.
53% of employees think that their employer will have to do more in the coming years to improve security in the workplace. (Opinionway study for Horoquartz)