Protecting your employees, production facilities and know-how

Safety and security is of critical importance for company managers.

Securing the premises helps to improve the company’s long-term viability while providing peace of mind for employees. Horoquartz provides a comprehensive set of solutions combining software, hardware and expert support for organisations that care about security.

  • Access control

    Access control is the basis of any security system for your premises.

    This module manages access to premises and areas according to user-defined criteria: access profile, locations, calendar, time slots. You can use the software to configure access rights and leverage historical data, badge or biometric readers, controllers to make access decisions, and opening systems (electromagnetic locks, automatic barriers, bollards, mantraps, turnstiles, etc.).

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  • Intruder detection

    An intrusion detection system helps you detect attempted intrusion and unauthorised presence on your premises.

    In addition to being a deterrent, the intrusion detection system alerts you quickly, so you can react fast and respond appropriately. Horoquartz offers you a complete range of motion detectors, forced entry detectors and alarms.

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  • Video surveillance

    CCTV is a proven deterrent, especially when it is visibly displayed. It also provides valuable assistance for alarm verification and identification.

    Horoquartz offers a wide range of professional IP CCTV cameras, coupled with recording and operating servers in order to get the most out of your video surveillance system

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  • Visitor management

    Visitor management software can help you provide a better visitor experience and guarantee their safety while they are on your site.

    This module helps you to coordinate visits in advance and register visitors efficiently. Your visitors are added to the site’s access control system to guarantee their safety and that of the company.

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Safety – security

Horoquartz solutions combine everything you need to keep your business totally secure: access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, supervision, visitor management.

They are designed for private companies, as well as government administrations and local authorities. They provide answers to the key issues that organisations must address:

  • How can we prevent unauthorized access and intrusion into company premises?
  • How can we comply with legal obligations or regulations applicable to certain sectors of activity (Seveso, Critical Infrastructure, Food Defense)?
  • How can we improve deterrence, prevention and identification with video surveillance and intrusion detection?
  • How can we react more quickly in the event of a threat or crisis situation, how can we ensure accurate alarm verification processes?
  • How can we reduce security costs: security staffing, insurance, claims?
  • How can we welcome visitors and address the related security issues?

Horoquartz offers an integrated solution that combines:

  • Software for access control, supervision, storage and viewing of images.
  • Electronic equipment: readers, LPUs, biometric terminals, alarm control units, CCTV cameras, detectors and alarms.
  • Pedestrian obstacles and vehicle barriers.
  • Services to analyse your needs, implement the solution and provide maintenance service.



Horoquartz’s Protecsys 2 Suite solution offers a global approach to corporate safety and security. It brings together all the features needed to keep your assets and employees safe and secure: access control, CCTV surveillance, electronic locks, visitor management, intrusion detection, supervision. Horoquartz is unique in that we are one of the only companies on the market operating as a software developer, electronic equipment manufacturer and solutions integrator. We manage your projects from A to Z. In addition, Protecsys 2 Suite integrates seamlessly with the eTemptation time management solution by Horoquartz, so you can use the same badges and data (employee records, leave periods).