Conducting performance reviews can be a difficult process. Yet they are an opportunity to be seized. By using Process4people to digitise your performance review campaigns, you make it easier to schedule, conduct and track the appraisal process. This turns the reviews into a key opportunity to leverage your employees’ skills and improve your HR performance.

Process4people: a digitised performance management solution

Performance management requires a high level of organisation. With Process4people by Horoquartz, the performance management system is fully digital.

Performance reviews management
Performance reviews management
For 85% of HR decision makers, automating administrative processes is a priority.
Key benefits of performance management software

Process4people by Horoquartz is an HR software solution for talent management

Process4people’s performance management module will help you:

Organise and automate

performance review campaigns including preparation, scheduling and tracking.

Use customised questionnaires

questionnaires tailored to your objectives, your business and your employee profiles.

Develop interactions

with the other talent management sectors: training management, career management, mobility, skills management.

Focus on analysing results

rather than on conducting reviews, all controlled from a dashboard.

Improve HR productivity

by eliminating paper forms and Excel spreadsheets for tracking

Ensure that the appraisals and the data comply

with a formalised process and approval workflows.

Process4people organises your performance review campaign, from the preparation of the forms to HR reporting.
Key features of performance management with Process4people
1 Manage all types of performance reviews: career reviews, annual reviews, post-assignment reviews, training assessments, etc.
2 Manage performance review campaigns, questionnaires and questions included in the review, generate campaigns automatically.
3 Save and automatically retrieve elements from previous reviews: objectives, training requests, tracking indicators, etc.
4 Automatic notifications, alerts and reminders for managers to schedule and conduct performance reviews.
5 Measure the progress of campaigns: not scheduled, scheduled, in progress, completed, on time, or late.
6 Automatically update the training plan with training requests.
7 Mass mailing functions.
8 Native integration with the other Process4people modules of skills management and training management, integration with the collaborative HR portal.
9 Security and confidentiality through secure authentication (SSO, LDAP).
10 Available as a cloud-based solution, so you don’t have to deal with IT-related issues.
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The quality of the review process remains the main priority, along with easy access to historical data for both the manager and the employee.

Improving the performance review process is a challenge for the HRD. But the solution must also be convenient for the participants:
  • Check the ability of the software to develop questionnaires tailored to your context. This is of paramount importance for the quality of the reviews.
  • Make sure that the questionnaire can be opened and saved several times, since reviews are sometimes conducted over several sessions.
  • Make sure it is easy to access data from previous reviews. This helps you prepare for the upcoming review.
  • Verify that all the operations can be done from the HR portal or the application dashboard: status of reviews, reminders, summaries, etc.
  • Choose a cloud-based solution so you don’t have to deal with IT-related issues, and so you and your staff can access it from anywhere, on PC, tablet and smartphone.





With Process4people, Horoquartz interfaces the performance management system with the other modules of the talent management system.


  • An agile and highly customisable application for questionnaires and HR processes tailored to your context.
  • Native integration with the other Process4people modules: skills management, training management, career management, etc.
  • Customisable KPIs, alerts and reports for efficient tracking of performance review campaigns.
  • Seamless integration into your HRIS thanks to numerous connectors.
  • An optimised user experience, with an intuitive, familiar interface for employees.
  • Available as a cloud-based solution so you can focus on the functional aspects.
For the Human Resources department:
Refocus on analysis
  • The HR department no longer has to deal with Word documents and Excel spreadsheets.
  • A digital process that automates the administrative tasks of scheduling, tracking and reminders.
  • The performance reviews are centralised and standardised, making it easy to summarise the data.
  • Easy-to-analyse reports and statistics (graphs, diagrams).
  • An objective vision of needs in terms of training, assessments, skills development, etc.
  • More time to focus on human asset management.
For employees:
a key step in their career path in the company
  • Securely view appraisals, objectives and progress towards achievement.
  • Plan ahead for upcoming reviews by viewing past appraisals.
  • Access their manager’s comments and feedback thanks to personalised dashboards.
  • More interactivity.
  • Easier access to their own HR file.
For managers:
more interactive personnel management
  • Access to complete employee and team profiles and data from past reviews.
  • Easier scheduling of reviews for each employee.
  • Progress indicators for their campaign.
  • A human resource management tool that is intuitive and easy for managers to use.
  • Less time spent filing thanks to the electronic files.