Talent management is a lever for making businesses competitive and attractive.

A HR management solution helps teams focus on high added-value tasks of their jobs.

To achieve this, it is necessary to automate and digitise the HR processes and ensure they are in compliance. HRIS software is also a powerful tool for building employee loyalty and strengthening the employer brand. It concretizes your HR practices and strategy by providing services to employees.

  • The HR Portal

    The portal organises the services offered by the HR department to employees and managers. From a single point, they can access the processes and the dashboards.

    The Process4people HR portal is the entry point for the digital transformation of your HR services, including data management, performance management, training, career management and time and absence management.

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  • Training Management System

    A training plan aligned to needs, collaborative management processes and efficient assessment tools are the basic requirements of any training management system.

    Process4people organises your training catalogue, schedules your courses and keeps your budget under control. It logs training requests and preferences, handles the assessments and ensures legal compliance and reporting.

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  • Performance Management

    Performance reviews include career reviews, annual reviews, post-assignment reviews, etc. In all cases, they are key steps in terms of career management and skills development.

    Process4people organises your performance review campaigns. It helps your managers spend less time on the process itself and more time discussing key issues with their staff and analysing data.

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  • Skills Management

    As part of any skills management solution, skills planning is a key component of HR policy. It provides a strategic vision and optimises the skills and positions in the company.

    Process4people delivers a comprehensive matrix of the jobs and skills available. It helps to develop the potential of your employees by combining skills management with training management, assessments and annual reviews.

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Key objectives of human resource management software

An HR management solution can address these issues that many organisations face. The role of Human Resources Departments is to provide practical solutions.

  • How can I ensure that my skills requirements are covered in the future, in terms of numbers and qualifications?
  • How can I develop and retain my talents to increase the efficiency of my organisation and reduce turnover?
  • How can I improve my training strategy to benefit operational staff while optimising costs?
  • How can I increase the efficiency of my Human Resources department, reducing the time spent on administrative tasks so they can focus on what truly creates value: recruiting, managing, developing and retaining employees?  
  • How can I engage my teams, managers and employees in effective and collaborative human resource management?
  • How can I ensure that my data are accurate and my HR processes are in compliance with labour laws and the GDPR?

Human resource management software can solve these challenges :

  • Manage administrative HR data efficiently thanks to electronic processes
  • Control employee career paths through better management of performance reviews, assessments, skills, etc.
  • Make the most of training efforts by streamlining training management and assessment.
  • Decentralise and deliver HR services via a collaborative portal.



Process4people controls all personnel-related data, activities and processes. It helps you deal with all the value-added functions of personnel management: administrative HR data, skills management, career management, compensation, hiring and onboarding processes, and training management.

Process4people is a customisable HR software solution that allows you to create databases, workflows and communications tailored to your context and that integrates seamlessly with your HRIS.