Workforce scheduling

HQ Planning: managing the schedules of your teams has never been easier

A SOFRES study has revealed that the time spent managing schedules and rotas can be reduced by up to 80% with the right tools. Your schedules need to be calibrated to reflect the expected workload, customer numbers, the skills of your workers, their working hours and the applicable social constraints. HQ Planning is a schedule management solution designed to make life easier for your managers.

The main objectives of HQ Planning

  • Cutting down the time managers spend on scheduling tasks, with a solution tailored to their working environment.
  • Cutting down on overtime and temporary work, ensuring annual working hours are respected and planning ahead for seasonal variations.
  • Boosting customer satisfaction by ensuring that you have sufficient employees with the right skills to meet the demand from clients and fulfil production quotas.
  • Boosting employee job satisfaction with schedule management which is fairer and fully consistent with all legal requirements.

The advantages of HQ Planning

Use HQ Planning to enter or import your workforce requirements for each activity, post or period. Thanks to a simple, visual presentation of the points of discrepancy between the resources required and those available, you can easily make the necessary adaptations to your work patterns, attendance times and organisation.

HQ Planning can handle timetables with a level of detail ranging from minutes to whole days, and can be easily adapted to the requirements of your business and the constraints of your sector.

HQ Planning provides performance indicators which allow you to assess the quality of your schedules and compare them with the actual results.

How can I get even more from my schedule management?

Using HQ Planning in conjunction with the HQ Time module for optimal time management allows you to ensure that your schedules and rotas respect all applicable regulations and collective bargaining agreements.

To further cut down on the time spent on scheduling tasks, the HQ Optimum module is an automatic scheduling solution with in-built optimisation tools.

Last but not least, the short-term scheduling solutions provided by HQ Planning are even more effective when combined with HQ Anticipation, Horoquartz's medium-to-long-term resource allocation tool.

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What can HQ Planning do for you and your teams ?

  • Your guarantee that your working schedules are compatible with your production requirements and customer demands.
  • Optimising payroll management.
  • Schedule management with respect for all applicable regulations and bargaining agreements.
  • Improving job satisfaction among your employees by taking into account their individual preferences and constraints.
  • Better work/life balance, taking into account individual constraints and informing employees of their timetables well in advance.
  • Schedules and rotas which distribute working hours fairly.
  • Less time spent writing schedules and rotas.
  • Better preparation for foreseeable events and more efficient management of working hours and overtime.