Advanced workforce scheduling

HQ Optimum: an automated solution for optimised scheduling !

Who among us has never dreamed of an optimised scheduling system capable of automatically reconciling all of the factors at play and producing the perfect schedule? Seasonal variations, fluctuations in activity, client demand, staff flexibility, employee demands and regulations etc. HQ Optimum is a scheduling optimisation tool which helps you to calculate the best possible scheduling arrangements for your teams.

The main objectives of HQ Optimum

  • Generating at least 80% of your schedules automatically using HQ Optimum's optimisation tools.
  • Effectively determining the labour requirements for all of your activities, based on your operational policies and activity forecasts.
  • Incorporating legal constraints and collective bargaining agreements, as well as individual preferences and requests, with an easily-updated processing of such conditions.
  • Automatically adjusting working hours to meet your requirements, with customised calculation criteria.
  • Analysing the efficiency of your schedules using performance indicators and other key criteria.

The advantages of HQ Optimum

HQ Optimum incorporates different mathematical optimisation tools in order to automatically generate working schedules. The system works with your activity forecasts, which can be entered or imported using your own terminology.

HQ Optimum can be used to manage the hourly schedules of teams (in industry, maintenance jobs etc.) and client-oriented units (distribution, call centres, services), or even units required to provide round-the-clock services (local authorities, utilities, hospitals etc.). Your managers can then fill in the few remaining gaps, a task made easy by our visual tools providing a rapid overview of schedule coverage and potential problem points.

How can I get even more from my schedule optimisation ?

Using HQ Optimum in conjunction with HQ Anticipation allows you to efficiently combine medium and long-term resource allocation with your optimised short-term scheduling.

The majority of our clients also use HQ Time, our time management and leave scheduling tool for optimised rotas which take all relevant parameters into account: total hours worked, annual hours worked, scheduled absences, shift duration etc.

Finally, Horoquartz's Business Intelligence solutions complement the work of HQ Optimum to produce statistical analyses of your scheduling, comparing your forecasts with the actual results and identifying the reasons for discrepancies.

Advanced workforce scheduling_download file HQ Optimum

What can HQ Optimum do for you and your teams ?

  • Guaranteeing schedules which correspond to the company's performance objectives.
  • Putting customer satisfaction at the heart of your planning operations.
  • Schedules which respect all relevant labour laws.
  • Schedules which meet the expectations of employees.
  • Schedules designed to maintain a constant level of service.
  • A better quality of service, with the right skills in the right places.
  • Working hours are fairly distributed.
  • Personal constraints and preferences taken into account.
  • Reducing the time spent producing schedules, with advanced automated functions.
  • Managers just need to make the final adjustments.