Medium and long-term planning

HQ Anticipation: managing your schedules in the medium and long-term

Organisations who have to deal with seasonal variation in their activities are naturally keen to plan their resource allocation and determine their labour requirements for the medium-to-long-term. HQ Anticipation is a dedicated tool designed for proactive management of resources and schedules across the whole year. HQ Anticipation is already used by hundreds of businesses to optimise their medium-term planning.

The main objectives of HQ Anticipation

  • Avoiding the need for overtime or temporary recruitment by more efficiently anticipating the number of man-hours needed throughout the year.
  • Avoiding staff shortages or surpluses in line with your activity forecasts and medium-term labour requirements.
  • Planning ahead for future recruitment needs, by determining the resources and skills required to handle your workload.
  • Optimising your payroll management by scheduling holidays in off-peak periods.
  • Boosting employee satisfaction by providing rotas and schedules well in advance.

The advantages of HQ Anticipation

HQ Anticipation transforms your activity forecasts and business data into medium-term labour requiremens. A simulation tool allows you to test different scenarios and adapt your plans to different potential options.

HQ Anticipation presents you with a range of options allowing you to optimise your schedules: allocation of working hours, scheduling of holiday time and days in lieu, recruitment, yearly working hours etc.

HQ Anticipation is a flexible solution ideal for all sectors, from specialist distribution to restaurants and service providers.

How can you get even more from your medium and long-term planning ?

90% of users of HQ Anticipation also use our HQ Planning and HQ Optimum tools, complementing their medium-term planning efforts with detailed short-term scheduling solutions.

Using HQ Anticipation in conjunction with HQ Time our time management tools also provides greater visibility with regard to scheduled absences and annual working hours quotas (contract terms etc.).

Last but not least, Horoquartz's Business Intelligence solutions can help you to analyse your schedules and results to gain a better understanding of the underlying trends.

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What can HQ Anticipation do for you and your teams ?

  • Optimised payroll management.
  • Greater customer satisfaction.
  • Reducing costs by better anticipating fluctuations in activity.
  • Forward planning of recruitment and training needs.
  • Greater control over overtime, keeping annual working hours on track.
  • Your personnel are always present in sufficient numbers to ensure a top-quality service.
  • The right skills for the right service.
  • Better work/life balance with rotas/schedules available well in advance.
  • Less stress at work, with staff numbers calculated to match activity levels.
  • Fewer unexpected staffing problems.
  • Encouraging team members to be more flexible.
  • Reinforcing the importance of effective management.