HQ Anticipation: managing your schedules in the medium and long-term

Organisations who have to deal with seasonal variation in their activities are naturally keen to plan their resource allocation and determine their labour requirements for the medium-to-long-term. HQ Anticipation is a dedicated tool designed for proactive management of resources and schedules across the whole year. HQ Anticipation is already used by hundreds of businesses to optimise their medium-term planning.


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  • Optimised payroll management.
  • Greater customer satisfaction.
  • Reducing costs by better anticipating fluctuations in activity.
  • Forward planning of recruitment and training needs.
  • Greater control over overtime, keeping annual working hours on track.
  • Your personnel are always present in sufficient numbers to ensure a top-quality service.
  • The right skills for the right service.
  • Better work/life balance with rotas/schedules available well in advance.
  • Less stress at work, with staff numbers calculated to match activity levels.
  • Fewer unexpected staffing problems.
  • Encouraging team members to be more flexible.
  • Reinforcing the importance of effective management.