Workforce scheduling

Schedule management: the right people in the right place at the right time

With a tool specifically tailored to their needs, managers can slash the time they spend managing their team's schedule by as much as 80% (Sofres). Horoquartz's schedule management tools help you to achieve optimal resource allocation. These tools are designed to help you minimise costs, boost customer satisfaction and distribute the workload evenly.

With eTemptation, find out just how important effective schedule management can be

  • Boost customer satisfaction by ensuring that your human resources are a perfect match for the workload and for your customers' needs.
  • Reduce the time your managers spend on this task by simplifying and automating your schedule management.
  • Boost employee satisfaction with schedules which are clear, fair and in line with labour regulations.
  • Cut down on overtime, annual workload miscalculations and the need for temporary employees.

eTemptation: your guarantee of integrated, effective schedule management

  • A schedule management solution which is integrated with your internal timetables and keeps track of your activity to provide a coherent, comprehensive overview of your employees' schedules.
  • Key Performance Indicators to measure quality and optimise schedules.
  • A solution which can be customised to handle the constraints of your working environment and the reality of work in the field.
  • A proven deployment methodology with over 700 clients using Horoquartz' scheduling solutions, providing first-class services to boost your operational efficiency.

Our philosophy

  • 80% of users combine our schedule management solutions with the time management module  to make sure that schedules respects all applicable regulations.
  • Over 50% automatically connect the scheduling module with the activity management module to help them analyse their costs.
  • Our schedule management solutions are designed to minimise implementation costs, with a fully web-based architecture, unique database and optimised, intuitive design.
  • They represent a valuable decision-making aid, with integrated reporting, performance indicators and a raft of business intelligence tools.

eTemptation features numerous modules to help you manage your schedules to meet your needs

HQ Planning manages the schedules of your teams. Set or import your workload and allocate employees based on the number of working hours, work required, skills required and scheduled absences.

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With HQ Anticipation, you can simulate your predicted resource requirements for the medium to long-term based on your activity forecasts. This is a great way to ensure that you have the necessary skills and man hours at your disposal, scheduling new recruitments where necessary.

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