Time management

HQ Time: A comprehensive time management solution

Cutting down on the time your HR department, your managers and your employees spend managing working hours and absences is a key priority. eTemptation solutions are used to manage over 3.7 million employees every day in 28 countries, in over 5000 businesses and organisations. The HQ Time module handles all time management tasks.

The main objectives of HQ Time

  • Effective time management which avoids the risk of disputes, adapted to your collective and company agreements.
  • Simplifying your time management by handling the different types of working time organisations (fixed, flexible, annualised etc.).
  • Precise, indisputable clocking in/out and T&A calculations.
  • Cutting down on checking time by automating working time records and the corresponding pay calculations.
  • Precise follow-up of all absences and automatic download  to the payroll software.

The advantages of HQ Time

HQ can be tailored to the context and objectives of your company, whatever your sector of activity and working hours.

HQ Time manages the working hours of your employees, tracking absences and calculating the necessary records (overtime, days in lieu, training, bonuses, night work, difficult working conditions etc.), automatically updating your payroll system accordingly. HQ Time makes it easy to decentralise your time management.

How can I get even more from my time management solution?

HQ Time is a module from the eTemptation suite dedicated to workforce management. More than 80% of our clients use HQ Time in conjunction with our HQ Self-Service module, designed to allow simplified, paperless leave scheduling and giving employees access to their own time management data.

More than 50% of businesses using the HQ Time module also use our schedule management tools HQ Planning and HQ Optimum, to draw up schedules which are perfectly synchronised with time management data.

Finally, the HQ Activity activity tracking module can be efficiently combined with HQ Time to track the time spent on projects and tasks, or actual working times in production activities.

Time management_download file HQ Time

What can HQ Time do for you and your teams?

  • Simplifying the admin associated with time management, activities which generate no added value.
  • Allowing all involved to focus on their actual work.
  • Consistent and transparent time management.
  • Rapid handling of leave requests.
  • Ensuring that your time management respects your collective bargaining agreements and company-level agreements.
  • Cutting the risk of disputes and social action.
  • Efficient, error-free updating of pay data.
  • Less time spent managing the working time of their team.
  • Better control over working hours, overtime and annual hour totals.