HQ Self-Service: collaborative time management for your employees

Allow your employees and managers to take control of their own time management and holidays: a great opportunity to combine HR performance, responsiveness and employee satisfaction. The HQ Self-Service module allows for decentralised, paperless time management by employees and their managers.

The main objectives of HQ Self-Service

  • Improving absence management processes with an online system where employees can submit leave requests and managers can approve or deny them directly.
  • Cutting down on the time HR spends checking holidays by tracking leave requests and allowances in real time.
  • Giving employees direct access to information regarding their remaining holidays, days in lieu, working hours..., freeing up HR to focus on other work.
  • Improving team management with easy access to individual and collective schedules and a synchronised diary function.
  • Simplified working time management, allowing employees to clock in and out directly at their work station.

Advantages of HQ Self-Service

The HQ Self-Service module gives your employees greater autonomy in their time management: checking their holiday allowances, requesting and confirming absences, clocking in via the intranet, viewing individual schedules etc. 

The application is designed to be used by everybody within your organisation: simple displays, intuitive navigation, visual processes, synchronisation with diaries and schedules etc.

Your employees can access the application directly from their work station, tablet or smartphone.

How can I get more from my self-service time management system ?

HQ Self-Service can be easily and smoothly integrated with other modules from the eTemptation suite, particularly HQ Time for time management covering working hours and absences.

Are your employees regularly on the move? Why not use HQ Self-Service's mobile functions for smartphones and tablets?

Self-service_download file HQ Self-service

What can HQ Self-Service do for you and your teams ?

  • Simplifying the admin associated with time management and approving leave, activities which generate no added value.
  • Allowing HR and managers to focus on their actual work.
  • Greater job satisfaction, with instant access to individual data.
  • Better visibility of holiday allowances and rapid handling of leave requests.
  • Improving the quality of the time management process and resulting data, with real-time checks at the source.
  • Cutting down on time-consuming requests from managers and employees.
  • Direct access to data regarding their teams.
  • Better checking and approval of leave requests.
  • Reinforcing the importance of effective management.