Absence Management

eTemptation: Regain Control of Absence and Leave Management

HR Departments are faced with numerous national, local and corporate regulations regarding absence and leave, which leads to increasing complexity and uncertainty. Absence and leave management is one of the most time-consuming and error-prone HR processes, both for HR specialists, managers and employees. The eTemptation solution helps organisations to better comply with all these regulations by streamlining and facilitating the entire process. As a result, the solution helps to reduce absence-related costs and improve managers and employees satisfaction.

Absence Management – What is at stake?

eTemptation helps your organisation to:

  • Manage all forms of employee leave such as vacation, sickness, time in lieu, time off banks, work injury… through a powerful customisation of absence policies and accrual settings
  • Automate the absence management process from the initial request to final approval with just a few clicks thanks to a collaborative self-service portal
  • Eliminate errors from the origin by giving your employees immediate access to their time off balances and checking entitlements when leave requests are submitted
  • Automate all absence-related calculations and automatically download data to the payroll software
  • Improve employee experience by simplifying leave requests and giving access to the software from any web-enabled device or smartphone
  • Enable fast decision making by providing in-depth reporting and KPIs
  • Minimise compliance risk by giving perfect traceability on absence management operations

A Fully Integrated Software

eTemptation is a fully integrated solution that combines attendance management, absence tracking, advanced scheduling and employee activity tracking. Absences are seamlessly integrated into all connected modules in real time. This comprehensive approach gives your managers the visibility they need for accurate staff planning, by taking into account planned absences and leaves. It also helps to understand the impact and cost of absenteeism in activity reports per employee, team or cost centre.

eTemptation also allows you to easily integrate leave and absences with tools such as Outlook or Google Calendar, so that all absences can be seen in the daily calendar.

What can absence management do for you and your teams?

  • Reduction of absence-related costs via in-depth reporting
  • Better compliance with leave regulations
  • Flexible absence policies and customisable accrual settings
  • Elimination of manual processes, efficient automation of payroll
  • Better reactivity and communication with the staff

  • Improved productivity

  • Better control of absence costs

  • Real-time visibility of their workforce with a clear overview of all absences

  • Improved workforce planning through a better understanding of who will be on leave

  • Greater convenience through paperwork elimination
  • Less time spent in leave requests and faster approvals
  • Increased confidence through access to individual data, leave status and balances