Clocking terminals

Horoquartz clocking terminals: easy to use and fully integrated!

Horoquartz clocking terminals and badge readers make it easy to record the working hours of your employees, and manage this data effectively. Over 60,000 Horoquartz clocking terminals are in operation all over the world. These systems are prized for their reliability and long lifespan. They can be easily integrated into your IT network, and are compatible with numerous badge technologies.

The main objectives of Horoquartz's clocking terminals and badge readers

  • Reliable timekeeping, providing a clear and undisputable record of working hours.
  • Making it easier for employees to consult their working hours directly using the time clock.
  • Using secured badges, or reusing your existing badges. Badge readers are compatible with different card technology systems (Mifare, HID, bar codes, magnetic strips etc.).
  • Easy integration with your IT system, via Ethernet, wifi and GPRS connections.
  • Guaranteeing an uninterrupted time clock service, even in the event of a server or network failure.

Advantages of Horoquartz's clocking terminals and badge readers

Horoquartz has a broad range of time clocks and badge readers to meet all budgets and technical requirements.

Clocking terminal IT20+

Clocking terminal_iT20+_Horoquartz

IT20: an economical solution for organisations looking for a simple, secure badge-reading system. Easy to install, IT20 can also be used to display data to employees.

Clocking terminal eTSmart

Clocking terminal eTsmart

eTSmart: an innovative time clock terminal which can be used for time & attendance, data capture and access control requirements. With its 7" touch screen, eTSmart is an elegant, easy-to-use communication tool. Its sleek, modern design allows the panel to fit in easily.

How can I get even more from my Horoquartz clocking terminals ?

Horoquartz also offers kiosk systems with self-service functions for employees (leave requests, timetable display, individual viewing, etc.).

Are your employees regularly on the move? Horoquartz also offers mobile timekeeping solutions, via tablet or smartphone.

We also have a range of portable devices designed for industry use, ideal for keeping track of employees in construction, manufacturing and maintenance work.

Clocking terminals_download file HQ Badge Readers

What can a new badge-reader or time clock do for me ?

  • Transparency.
  • The guarantee that working hours are correctly counted and recorded.
  • Putting an end to disputes with employees about working times.
  • Easy to produce the evidence demanded for administrative checks.
  • Easy to check the clocking-in and out times of your employees.
  • No more need for paper copies of time sheets.