HQ Interface: time management solutions integrated with your HR IT system

Integrating time management solutions into your HR IT system allows you to avoid multiple data entries, errors and inconsistencies in your key data. HQ Interface allows you to automatically import employee master data from your payroll software and export detailed records of working hours and absences in order to ensure the accuracy of your payslips. The library of web services also makes it easier to exchange data with your other applications.


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  • Guaranteeing the reliability of data across your whole IT system.
  • Doing away with various time-consuming and error-prone data entry tasks.
  • A more reliable pay system.
  • Personal data handled efficiently.
  • Making the pay system quicker and more reliable.
  • Avoiding double entries.
  • Easier management of retroactive operations and back pay.
  • Fewer problems with pay.
  • Easy access to all information.