Job costing

HQ Analytic: analysis of working hours and labour costs

The HQ Analytic module offers a range of functions for effective job costing. It provides you with a detailed breakdown of the time spent on different work centres and tasks. An essential tool for effective budget management and accounting, HQ Analytic makes it easier to monitor and understand your various labour costs.

The main objectives of HQ Analytic

  • Easier tracking of allocated hours, with an array of automatic time allocation and recording functions.
  • Instant identification of discrepancies between working hours and activity times, with automatic comparison of hours paid/time allocated to tasks.
  • Greater understanding of labour costs, with simple overviews of allocated hours and budgets based on your analytical criteria.
  • Avoiding the need to transfer data to your existing IT system, with automatic integration of allocated working hours into your accounting software.

The advantages of HQ Analytic

The HQ Analytic module can be fully integrated with your time management system, for automatic comparison of allocated times and actual hours worked. This allows you to rapidly identify any discrepancies.

HQ Analytic offers comprehensive reporting, with graphic indicators allowing you to track allocated working hours in real time. This makes it much easier to analyse data and compare your budget forecasts with the results.

How can I get even more from my job costing ?

Horoquartz's Business Intelligence solutions provide additional analytical functions which work in synergy with HQ Analytic. This includes simplified cross-comparison of allocated times with the budget data managed by your ERP.

HQ Analytic can also be used in conjunction with the HQ Activity module, which allows for detailed monitoring of your employees' work on individual projects, cases and production tasks.

Job costing_download file HQ Analytic

What can job costing do for you and your teams?

  • Greater visibility of labour costs.
  • Simplifying the administrative processes involved in recording hours worked.
  • Efficient, objective monitoring of the profitability of your operations.
  • Greater visibility of allocated hours.
  • A much easier way of logging their hours.
  • Greater transparency in the indicators available to them.
  • Less time spent collecting and checking allocated hours.
  • Full traceability of all data required for monitoring hours.