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eTempora: the time management solution for small businesses

Designed with the needs of small businesses and organisations in mind, our eTempora solution offers advanced time management, recording of absences, schedule management and pay processing. eTempora is an economical solution, available in SaaS mode. eTempora's pre-settings take the terms of your collective agreement into account, allowing the system to be deployed in a matter of days.

The main objectives of eTempora

  • Avoiding disputes and legal action thanks to precise management of employee presence and absence information.
  • Cutting the cost of time management by dispensing with various superfluous administrative tasks and automating HR calculations (overtime, hours in lieu, bonuses, holiday time etc.)
  • Boosting employee satisfaction with efficient processes and tools for access control, holiday requests and online schedule management and information services.
  • A comprehensive time management solution in SaaS mode, available via the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and doing away with IT-related constraints.

The advantages of eTempora

Horoquartz solutions are currently used by over 3000 small businesses and institutions. Our products are designed with the needs of such organisations in mind: easy to use, with rapid installation and optimised running costs.

eTempora is an integrated, modular solution. You can implement the suite's functions at your own pace, safe in the knowledge that eTempora has all of your needs covered.

eTempora offers a broad range of badge reading systems. Fully secured, these readers guarantee safe, objective tracking of employee's working hours.

eTempora is calibrated for easy integration with the majority of pay management systems currently on the market (interfacing with over 150 pay management solutions).

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What can eTempora do for you and your teams?

  • Dispensing with numerous unproductive administrative tasks.
  • Allowing all involved to focus on their actual work.
  • Straightforward, fair time management.
  • Reliable handling of pay.
  • Rapid handling of leave requests.
  • Time management which respects your collective bargaining agreement.
  • Cutting the risk of disputes and social action.
  • Reliable handling of pay data.
  • Making it easier to manage working hours, absences and schedules.
  • Better control over working hours, overtime and annual hour totals.