Horoquartz training programmes: unleash the full potential of your applications !

Training your employees is essential to meeting your strategic objectives and guaranteeing the success of your time management, scheduling, activity tracking and access control projects.

Horoquartz offers comprehensive training programmes helping clients to exploit the full potential of their technological solutions. These programmes include basic training, advanced modules and refresher courses. Designed by experienced consultants, these programmes combine theory and practical elements. They are aimed at all potential users of Horoquartz solutions, whatever their role within your organisation.

Horoquartz training programmes are the ideal way to optimise the operational efficiency of your applications in the long term, facilitating the uptake of new professional solutions.

Horoquartz training programmes

A comprehensive catalogue of training options, with 28 courses available on different systems and modules

3 training formats:

  • basic training
  • advanced training
  • refresher courses

Training tailored to different user profiles:

  • project management
  • technical architecture, operations, IT maintenance
  • application administrators
  • operational managers
  • employees

Bespoke training options

Are you looking for a personalised training programme or customised course? Our team of consultants are on hand to help you create your own tailor-made training programme, with course materials selected to correspond precisely to your requirements. Please don't hesitate to get in touch.