TPAM: boost the added value of your Horoquartz application

Horoquartz's third-party application maintenance (TPAM) services are now used by a growing number of clients keen to refocus their resources on their core business, while still improving the service they provide to users. TPAM helps to reduce costs by upgrading the maintenance and development of your applications to an industrial scale. This service creates added value for your business by giving you access to the best practices and latest solutions available in this field.

Horoquartz's TPAM solutions for time and schedule management

  • A modular system: Horoquartz offers different formats of TPAM services based on clients' expectations and the terms of their chosen SLA: operational maintenance, environment management, corrective/preventive/upgrade maintenance, application/system/interface management, hosting.
  • Clear commitments: Horoquartz's promises are written into the service agreement. They cover both the organisational aspects of the service and common tasks.
  • A single number to call: a designated contact is appointed for each TPAM contract. This contact becomes the client's first port of call when implementing new services, drawing up a Quality Assurance Plan and conducting qualitative and qualitative assessments of our services.
  • Reversibility: the different steps of the TPAM process - such as initial launch and current operations - are scheduled and managed. This reversible phase can be organised to ensure that the solution is returned to you in optimal condition.

The advantages of Horoquartz's TPAM services

  • A single contact for all maintenance issues, including both operational maintenance and application maintenance.
  • This solution allows you to improve the sustainability and regularity of the resources assigned to your applications, ensuring that you are not overly dependent on keeping these rare and often hard-to-replace skills in-house.
  • Improving the performance of your applications with the help of the latest best practices from the sector and support from a team of dedicated, highly-specialised experts.
  • Cutting down on maintenance costs by pooling resources and drawing upon the proven expertise of Horoquartz's team of specialists.
  • Optimising the life cycle of your applications, and thus improving the all-round service you provide to users.