Time Management Methodology


Secure time management and scheduling with Horoquartz

To ensure a rapid improvement in performance and return on investment from your time and schedule management systems, the implementation methodology and services provided by Horoquartz are indispensable. With 5000 systems up and running in 28 different countries, Horoquartz has developed an unrivalled expertise in the deployment of bespoke solutions in all sectors of the economy, from SMEs to ETIs to major multinationals and high-profile public sector contracts. Horoquartz offers an advanced methodology, best practices and tried-and-tested services, whatever the scope of your project.

Methodology comes first

Horoquartz's deployment methodology is founded on a certified project management system.

Scheduling the project determining your objectives, organising your teams, establishing an implementation schedule, managing risk, steering the change, establishing a communication strategy and identifying deliverables for every step of the process.

Identifying the right solution by analysing your functional and technical requirements, identifying the functions needed by different groups of users, handling communication and integration with the other components of your IT system, analysing your requirements in terms of reporting, indicators and business intelligence.

Creating a bespoke solution to provide you with an application tailored to your specifications, corresponding to your functional requirements and compatible with your existing technical systems.

Piloting the change with a personalised training plan tailored to the needs of your teams, courses for different user groups, pre- and post-launch support and creation of the necessary communication tools for your managers and employees.

Certifying your solution with functional testing of the applications, problem-solving and full testing of the system's interactions with connected devices and applications.

Advantages for our clients

  • Reducing the duration and cost of the implementation cycle with the help of a certified project management methodology.
  • Reducing risk with a quality audit at every step of the project process, taking corrective measures before problems arise.
  • Helping users to get to grips with this solution, with constant support throughout the transition and a bespoke training programme.
  • Reducing the risk of conformity issues by ensuring that the chosen solution is perfectly compatible with your requirements.