Equipment maintenance


Equipment maintenance: delivering an uninterrupted service for users

Ensuring that your equipment and services are operational without interruption is essential to keeping your users satisfied. Every day, over 3.5 million employees used Horoquartz solutions to check in, enter data or access their place of work. That's a total of nearly 100,000 Horoquartz card readers, industrial terminals and secure access systems installed in 28 different countries all over the world. In France, Horoquartz has a network of local support teams - 18 agencies dotted around the country, for a rapid response from experts with an in-depth knowledge of your systems.

The Horoquartz service contract

The Horoquartz service contract incorporates several options allowing you to find the right balance between budget constraints and desired level of service.

Maintenance with direct replacement: for systems covered by this option, whenever a problem is identified Horoquartz simply replaces the equipment immediately.

Workshop maintenance: all faulty systems are sent back to our workshops and repaired within a contractually-defined deadline. An economical solution which can be supplemented by keeping a supply of spare parts on site.

On-site maintenance: for systems which require rapid maintenance in situ, or if you wish to delegate all maintenance responsibilities, this option provides a comprehensive, key-in-hand service covering spare parts, labour and call-out charges.

Bespoke packages: for a maintenance service tailored precisely to your needs and specifications, contact our teams to design a bespoke service contract.

Horoquartz Maintenance: our promises

  • Direct exchange: Replacement system delivered within 8 working hours.
  • Workshop repair: Systems repaired within 24 working hours.
  • On-site intervention: Within 8 or 16 working hours depending on the equipment and your maintenance options.

Horoquartz Maintenance: continuous improvement

We are constantly working to improve the quality of service provided by the Horoquartz Maintenance Department:

  • The Horoquartz Users Club (with 150 members) regularly assesses the quality of the service, and puts forward suggestions for further improvement.
  • An in-depth satisfaction survey is issued to our users every 2 years.
  • Every incident is recorded in a detailed report, submitted for the client's approval.