Telephone support: looking after the day-to-day performance of your application

Operational issues? Practical questions? Feedback you'd like to share? The Horoquartz telephone support hotline has all the answers you need to keep your applications running smoothly. Based in France, the Horoquartz hotline is manned by a team of 25 specialists who provide support services for over 5000 clients all around the world (28 countries) and in multiple languages. Specialised in specific applications and areas of expertise, our support staff are on hand to help with the various components of your applications.

The Horoquartz service contract

Your service contract gives you access to a whole range of services provided by the Horoquartz support team:

The Client Portal: with our client portal you can register incidents, communicate directly with the customer service team, track the progress of your requests, see your service history and download documents and application upgrade modules.

Telephone support: the specialists available via the Horoquartz hotline are on hand to answer your questions, analyse any problems and help you to identify the most effective solutions.

Managing referrals: our telephone support staff can also help refer problems to the appropriate technical services and organise maintenance visits where necessary. This service is your first port of call, equipped with all of the necessary resources to resolve operational problems.

Communication: systematic incident management, with an initial report and a final resolution message to be confirmed by the client.

Horoquartz Support: our promises

  • The Horoquartz hotline is committed to responding to all incident reports within 2 hours, a deadline which may be extended to 4 hours in certain exceptional circumstances.
  • We are committed to achieving an average resolution time of 8 hours, starting from the initial recognition of the incident report (except in certain particular cases outlined in the service contract). In practice, 90% of incidents reported to our services are resolved within 2 hours.
  • The opening hours of our hotline have been extended to provide a more responsive service (8:30-12:30 / 14:00-18:00)

Horoquartz Support: continuous improvement

We are constantly working to improve the quality of service provided by the Horoquartz hotline:

  • The Horoquartz Users Club (with 150 members) regularly assesses the quality of the service, and puts forward suggestions for further improvement.
  • An in-depth satisfaction survey is issued to our users every 2 years.
  • Every resolved incident is followed up with a satisfaction survey.