Horoquartz - Foederis: joining forces to let talent shine

In forming this partnership with Foederis, Horoquartz's goal was to offer clients a comprehensive HR performance management solution, covering everything from strategic skills management to operational resource allocation. Foederis works with almost 900 clients in 23 countries, handling a total of 1.5 million employees.

The solutions delivered by Foederis help users to develop an effective HR policy structured around 4 key priorities:

  • Better recruitment, optimising the identification and career management of valuable talents.
  • Better training, boosting the expertise of your employees and responding to their demand for further training.
  • Better evaluations, with clear development objectives and the knowledge and skills needed to meet these goals.
  • Greater loyalty from your employees, as they consolidate their skills and experiences and move forward in their careers.

Advantages for our clients

  • A talent management solution which complements without infringing upon the work of Horoquartz's time and schedule management systems.
  • Use of best-of-breed functions in all domains. For example, skills and qualifications management may be fine-tuned by Foederis, then used to improve the Horoquartz schedule management modules which make use of this data.
  • Modules allowing for the secure exchange of data between applications, cutting down on development costs and technical risks during implementation.
  • A shared approach to application design, based on full-web architectures and a modular approach which allows your to roll out different functions progressively.