Horoquartz: An ecosystem dedicated to nurturing your all-round performance

Over the past two decades, Horoquartz's partnership policy has been driven by a commitment to offering our clients comprehensive, 360° solutions, covering everything from technological expertise to functional support and services.

Technological partners

Horoquartz has established technological and commercial partnerships with Microsoft, Oracle, Dell, IBM and Hewlett-Packard. Horoquartz's teams have developed a proven expertise in the use of the IT platforms and solutions offered by these leading brands. Horoquartz is also a Gold Certified Partner of both Oracle and Microsoft.

Specialist partners

Horoquartz has developed a network of partner solutions based on the products and expertise of firms who lead the field in their specialist domains: Foederis for skills management, Dimo Gestion for travel and expenses, VLI Alfatéa for health and safety at work and Creative IT for their Manufacturing Execution System (MES). Connections have been developed with the different solutions these partners offer, facilitating their integration with Horoquartz applications and driving down implementation costs.

Service partners

In order to deliver a comprehensive range of service for our clients' projects, Horoquartz has formed partnerships with ACT ON for commissioning and project management, with CGI for solutions integration and deployment, and with Business & Decision for decision-making tools. These partners have been selected for the great expertise they bring to the table, working in synergy with Horoquartz's technological solutions.