eTemptation: Time management, schedule management and activity tracking for your teams

With the eTemptation suite, a comprehensive, modular solution from Horoquartz, optimise all of your HR processes for better time management,  schedule management and activity tracking.

Human Resources Directors, operational managers, employees: eTemptation helps you to boost performance across the board and increase the satisfaction of all parties involved in time and schedule management.

Our solutions are now used by over 5000 businesses, public bodies and regional authorities. eTemptation handles time management for over 3.7 million workers in 28 countries.

The main objectives of eTemptation

  • All-round optimisation of time and presence management processes, with more effective tracking of employee absences.
  • Simplification and rationalisation of schedules, calibrated to ensure that the workload is divided fairly.
  • Precise monitoring of your employees' activities, projects, cases and output.
  • Integration of time and schedule management with your company's existing pay system, ERP and decision-making software.

The advantages of eTemptation

eTemptation is a comprehensive, modular, integrated solution designed to cover all of your time, schedule and activity management needs. The suite's numerous functions can be implemented at your own pace.

eTemptation is based on full web  technology, ensuring simple deployment for a large number of users.  eTemptation offers numerous mobile solutions, accessible via smartphones and tablets.

eTemptation can be easily integrated with your company's existing IT system, with a library of interfaces, web services and connection tools to cut down on integration costs.

eTemptation also offers various integrated and external decision-making tools to help you make the right choices!

How can you get even more out of eTemptation?

By opting for Horoquartz's cloud-based solutions, eTemptation users can concentrate fully on the functional aspects of their projects, leaving IT matters to the experts.

Naturally, eTemptation is fully compatible with other Horoquartz solutions such as access management and ID and badge management systems.

Workforce management_download file eTemptation

What can eTemptation do for you and your teams?

  • Cutting down on administrative tasks which carry no added value.
  • Optimising all operational processes.
  • Easy, effective decision-making based on concrete indicators and dashboards.
  • The guarantee that their working hours/absences are recorded accurately.

  • Greater visibility of working schedules.

  • Greater transparency.

  • Ensuring that your time and schedule management respects your collective bargaining agreements and company-level agreements.
  • Improving your pay management system.
  • Less time spent managing their teams' working time, schedules and activities.
  • Better control over pay and labour costs.
  • Indicators for more effective performance monitoring and management.