Clocking-in via smartphone

Clocking-in tool for smartphones: manage the working hours of your mobile employees

Keeping track of the hours worked by mobile employees is a delicate exercise, but it is indispensable when it comes to ensuring that you abide by legal requirements.

The Horoquartz smartphone clock-in solution is a simple, economical tool allowing mobile workers to record their working hours. It can be fully integrated with our range of time management solutions to ensure that mobile workers are treated in the same way as your other employees.

The main objectives of clocking-in via smartphone

  • Reliable, unequivocal recording of the hours worked by mobile employees thanks to a clocking-in application for smartphones.
  • Boosting productivity by doing away with the need to copy working hours into the time management app later on.
  • Promoting fairness by offering mobile employees the same services available to those based in the office.

The advantages of clocking-in via smartphone

  • Application compatible with the main mobile operation systems currently on the market: IOS, Android, Windows Phone...
  • Geo-location service to check where users are logging in, compliant with the provisions of the law on civil liberties.
  • Access to other time management functions in addition to the clocking-in tool: check personal data (remaining holiday time, for example), schedules, leave requests etc.
  • A solution which is consistent and compatible with other badging solutions (traditional badges and time clocks).