Transport and logistics

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Horoquartz solutions for transport and logistics

Transporters are keen to boost productivity by managing their working schedules more efficiently. In the logistical sector, the pressure on prices means that effective schedule management and advanced activity tracking are key priorities. Last but not least, the physical security of logistical hubs and warehouses is a crucial consideration, in order to prevent burglaries. Horoquartz has the solutions to satisfy these demands.

Problems specific to this sector

  • Maintaining an exact record of drivers' working times and rest times, in order to respect all applicable regulations.
  • Optimising the scheduling of teams at your logistical centres, putting the right people with the right skills in the right place, based on the volumes of work to be handled.
  • Keeping a close eye on logistical activities, identifying those contracts which are profitable and those which are losing money,
  • Controlling annual working hours, overtime, temporary work and absences.
  • Allowing managers to focus on their operational functions.
  • Guaranteeing the physical security of logistical facilities, reducing the risk of theft which can seriously affect profitability.

Horoquartz solutions for transport and logistics

The eTemptation suite simplifies time and schedule management, as well as activity monitoring, for businesses in the transport sector.

  • HQ Planning manages the schedules of your logistical facilities, based on the volumes to be handled, the skills required and the applicable productivity ratios.
  • HQ Time is an automated time management solution, monitoring employees' working hours and absences. HQ Time is compatible with existing reporting systems. This solution allows you to maintain control over annual working hours and overtime, while also efficiently managing temporary employees.
  • HQ Activity allows you to track the activities of your employees, with data entry modules which can be integrated with your IT system in order to track the number of working hours and the volume of work handled.

To guarantee the security of your logistical facilities, Protecsys 2 Suite controls access rights. The system also includes CCTV, intruder alarm and vehicle identification functions. These solutions combine to drastically reduce burglaries.

Expertise and best practices

Horoquartz solutions are used by over 300 businesses and industrial sites in the transport and logistics sector. Optimising the operations of your logistical centres is a key priority which demands a clear understanding of the stakes and challenges of the transportation sector, and a proven expertise in schedule management and activity tracking.