Retail and distribution

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Horoquartz solutions for retail and distribution

Making sure that you have the human resources in place to meet customers' demands, while juggling the complex social and legal constraints involved, is a major challenge which HR Directors and Operations Directors in the distribution sector must rise to every day. The physical security of retail and storage facilities is also a factor which strongly influences competitiveness in this sector. Horoquartz offers a range of solutions to meet these priorities.

Problems specific to this sector

  • Guaranteeing the quality of the service provided to customers, by ensuring that the necessary skills and personnel are effectively deployed across your network.
  • Boosting employee satisfaction by doing your utmost to satisfy individual expectations.
  • Making sure that schedules and working hours correspond to the various regulations in place.
  • Refocusing management on operational functions.
  • Guaranteeing the security of retail outlets and warehouses, reducing the risk of intrusion, vandalism and theft which impact directly on your profitability.

Horoquartz solutions for retail and distribution

The eTemptation suite provides efficient, pragmatic solutions for the distribution sector, focusing on time and schedule management:

  • HQ Optimum automatically generates the best possible schedules for your employees, taking the flow of customers into account and optimising the attendance and employee turnover.
  • HQ Anticipation calculates your medium-term resource requirements, based on your activity forecasts.
  • HQ Time automates time management operations and employee absences, for automatic updating of your payroll software.
  • HQ Activity records the time spent by your employees on their delegated activities (by section, by aisle, by task), helping your to achieve better cost control and profitability.

Devoted to boosting the security of your sale and storage facilities, Protecsys 2 Suite offers a range of access control, surveillance and intruder alarm functions.

Expertise and best practices

Horoquartz solutions are already in use in over 500 networks of shops, stores and supermarkets, for both chain brands and independent retailers.

Horoquartz draws upon its rich wealth of experience to provide clients in this sector with best practices and crucial expertise to back up our cutting-edge solutions.