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Horoquartz solutions for the public sector

Efficient management of civil servants' working schedules is one of the priorities identified for more effective management of the public sector wage bill. Optimising schedules is also crucial to ensuring the continuity and quality of the services provided to citizens. Furthermore, civil servants are increasingly concerned about their security in the workplace. Horoquartz solutions are already in use in 500 administrative bodies and local authorities, helping to optimise time management, schedule coordination and employee security.

Problems specific to this sector

  • Maintaining control over your total wage bill with precise management of working hours, absences and overtime.
  • Improving the service provided to citizens by producing more efficient schedules which better correspond to users' needs, while also helping to pool essential resources.
  • Respecting all legal obligations and honouring the terms of civil servants' contracts, ensuring that working hours are accurately recorded and wages calculated accordingly.
  • Ensuring the physical security of facilities and people, offering greater protection against violent behaviour from service users.

Horoquartz solutions for administrative agencies and local authorities

The eTemptation suite helps to simplify and rationalise time and schedule management in the public sector.

  • HQ Planning manages civil servants' timetables based on their public duties and the expectations of service users. This module also ensures that applicable labour regulations and contractual agreements are respected.
  • HQ Time is an automated time management solution, monitoring employees' working hours and absences. It calculates different pay criteria and updates your internal HR IT system accordingly.
  • HQ Activity allows you to track the activities of your team, integrating with your IT system for better cost control and budget management.

The Protecsys 2 Suite ensures that only authorised personnel have access to sensitive areas. It also includes video surveillance and intruder detection functions. Practical tools which serve to drastically reduce the risk of break-ins and aggressive behaviour.

Expertise and best practices

Horoquartz solutions are already used by over 500 administrative agencies and local authorities. These public sector users include government departments and various local authorities.

All of these public bodies are united by a shared commitment to cutting costs and controlling their wage bill, going far beyond simple time management. Drawing upon a wealth of experience in the public sector, Horoquartz advises on best practices to help meet these objectives.