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Horoquartz solutions for industry

Controlling costs, boosting quality and productivity, optimising the use of resources: with margins being squeezed right across the board, Horoquartz's industrial solutions help you to improve human and physical resource management in your business. Over 1500 companies have already adopted our solutions!

Problems specific to this sector

  • Establishing work schedules for all production teams, ensuring the necessary skills are in place and respecting all applicable legislation.
  • Maintaining complete control over annual working hours, overtime, temporary work, absenteeism and other factors with a direct impact on the cost of production.
  • Detailed, real-time monitoring of production times, controlling the time spent on different tasks, performance analysis of teams and machinery (OEE), current workload etc.
  • Allowing managers to focus their efforts on their operational functions, by reducing the time they spend on administrative matters and production monitoring.
  • Guaranteeing the physical security of your production facilities, reducing the risk of intrusion, vandalism and theft which can seriously affect productivity.

Horoquartz solutions for industry

The eTemptation suite simplifies time and schedule management, as well as production monitoring, for businesses in the industrial sector:

  • HQ Planning handles the working timetables of your production teams, based on the workload to be processed and the skills required.
  • HQ Time is an automated time management solution, monitoring employees' working hours and absences. This solution allows you to maintain control over annual working hours and overtime, while also efficiently managing temporary employees.
  • HQ Activity offers various production monitoring functions, with modules for the input of workshop data, supervision and integration with your ERP.

Devoted to boosting the security of production facilities, the Protecsys 2 Suite offers a range of access control, surveillance and intruder alarm functions.

Expertise and best practices

Over 1500 industrial firms have already adopted Horoquartz solutions. Major multinational accounts (Alstom, General Electric, Michelin, Johnson&Johnson, Siemens, SEB, Bonduelle, SKF, Daher etc.) and small businesses alike, all of our clients benefit from Horoquartz's broad experience and tailored methodology for the industrial sector.

At first primarily focused on work schedule management, our clients are now increasingly turning to us for help boosting efficiency, increasing quality and driving down costs. They also turn to us for modules designed to boost productivity directly, including optimised schedule management and production monitoring solutions which can be integrated with their own ERP systems.