Hotels and restaurants

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Horoquartz solutions for hotels and restaurants

Providing top-quality customer service is an absolute priority for professionals in the hotel and restaurant business That means having the right staff in the right place at the right time The sector needs both medium-term planning tools to effectively allocate staff, and optimisation solutions for the immediate short-term. The sector's collective bargaining agreement introduces further complexities, for which Horoquartz has targeted solutions.

Specific challenges in the hotel and restaurant sector

  • Guaranteeing the quality of the service provided to customers, by ensuring that you have the necessary skills to meet their demands.
  • Boosting employee satisfaction by doing your utmost to satisfy individual expectations.
  • Making sure that schedules and working hours correspond to the various regulations in place in the sector.
  • Cut down on the time managers spend producing rotas and schedules, allowing them to focus on the quality of the service provided.
  • Controlling access to areas particularly vulnerable to theft (stores, wine cellars etc.).

Horoquartz solutions for hotels and restaurants

The eTemptation suite provides efficient, pragmatic solutions for the hospitality industry, focusing on time and schedule management:

  • HQ Optimum automatically generates the best possible schedules for your employees, based on the flow of customers.
  • HQ Anticipation calculates your medium-term resource requirements, based on your activity forecasts. This allows you to avoid variations in annual working hours, overtime and the need for temporary staff.
  • HQ Time automates time management operations and employee leave requests (in line with the sector's regulations) for automatic updating of your pay software.

Devoted to boosting the security of sensitive areas, the Protecsys 2 Suite offers a range of access control, surveillance and intruder alarm functions.

Expertise and best practices

Horoquartz solutions are already in use in numerous chains and independent restaurants and hotels. High-profile restaurant groups use our solutions to manage their human resources. We also help exclusive restaurants to manage working hours and access rights in their establishments.

Horoquartz offers a comprehensive package of solutions tailored to the needs of this sector, meeting all applicable regulations to minimise implementation costs. With a great wealth of experience and roster of prestigious clients, Horoquartz has developed a proven expertise in the hospitality sector.