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Horoquartz solutions for higher education

Higher education institutions often have to manage a considerable number of card and badge systems, and coordinating and integrating these technological tools can carry a heavy price tag. Institutions also need to guarantee the security of their staff and students, in their teaching facilities and living quarters. Last but not least, employee schedules can often be considerably improved with the help of dedicated tools. Discover Horoquartz's solutions for higher education

Problems specific to this sector

  • A single card for students and staff, compatible with all of the systems and applications requiring ID data.
  • Rapid synchronisation of ID information, avoiding multiple entries and protecting data security.
  • Facilitating the use of student cards for electronic payments.
  • Improving security by controlling access to premises, laboratories, students halls, car parks etc.
  • More efficient management of employee timetables and holiday time.

Horoquartz solutions for higher education

The Easy'ID suite is based on a single multi-purpose card, grouping together all personal applications:

  • Access to premises.
  • ID for exams, attendance monitoring, participation in sports etc., university library services.
  • Printing certificates and administrative documents.
  • Managing photocopy rights.
  • Electronic payment.

Easy'ID allows for personalised card management, as well as automatic synchronisation of all applications using this system. No more multiple entries or errors.

To guarantee the security of educational facilities, Protecsys 2 Suite controls access rights. The system also includes CCTV, intruder alarm and vehicle identification functions.

Last but not least, eTemptation allows you to manage the working time and holiday time of your employees, respecting all applicable labour regulations and contract terms.

Expertise and best practices

At Horoquartz, we believe innovation is all about making things simpler. User experience is the most important aspect of any technology. That's why we place such an emphasis on the quality of this experience:

  • Easy'ID is a flexible system which makes it easier for students to manage their daily tasks and budgets.
  • These simple, modern services are a good introduction to digital technologies and paper-free services.
  • Having just one card for various purposes is a very practical solution for students in their daily lives: on campus and in the shops.
  • Students are free to manage their budget and their timetables, with simplified access to university facilities, IT resources and administrative services.
  • This secure card system is gradually expanding to encompass other local services: transport, cultural and sporting events etc.

Horoquartz solutions have already been adopted at a number of top universities.

With over 500,000 users, Easy'ID has become the solution of choice for multi-service student card systems in the higher education sector.