Healthcare sector

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Horoquartz solutions for the healthcare sector

Effectively managing schedules in hospitals and clinics can be a real nightmare. How do you reconcile the constraints of round-the-clock service with a chronic shortage of staff while dealing with their individual requirements? How can you manage working hours and stay on the right side of national law, local arrangements and specific rules applying to certain departments? How can you guarantee the security of your staff when insults and physical violence are becoming increasingly common? Horoquartz helps hospitals and clinics to find answers to these questions.

Problems specific to this sector

  • Producing rotas which respect the applicable regulations, treat all staff fairly (in the allocation of night shifts, for example) and guarantee a round-the-clock service.
  • Scheduling work to minimise costs and avoid the need for overtime or temporary work, with tracking of hours owed.
  • Making life easier for hospital staff, with better management of problems and shift changes.
  • Clearly establishing rules and practices for recording hours worked, days off, holidays and pay.
  • Simplifying the administrative work demanded of hospital executives and HR managers.
  • Guaranteeing the security of facilities and staff.

Horoquartz solutions for the healthcare sector

The eTemptation suite provides efficient, pragmatic solutions for hospitals and clinics, focusing on time and schedule management:

  • HQ Planning allows you to produce collective and individual timetables which guarantee total coverage, putting the right skills in the right place and ensuring full conformity with applicable regulations.
  • HQ Time is an automated solution for managing working hours, absences, hours due and pay matters.

The Protecsys 2 Suite includes various access control functions to guarantee the security of controlled areas (chemical, radiation or nuclear risk etc.) or sensitive facilities (emergency services etc.). The integrated intruder alarm function allows you to respond instantly when a threat is identified anywhere on your premises.

Expertise and best practices

Horoquartz has developed a package of solutions tailored to the needs of medical facilities, taking into account the regulations which apply to medical and non-medical staff. This helps to cut down on management costs and reduce the risk of regulatory problems. Horoquartz solutions can be personalised to incorporate local regulations and specific service agreements.