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Horoquartz solutions for B2B services

Delivering great services to tight deadlines is a challenge which requires effective HR management, ensuring that all operations are performed to schedule and to the expected level of quality. Horoquartz's solutions for the service sector help businesses to effectively coordinate their teams across multiple contracts. They also make it easier to track the working hours and activities of employees who are often on the move.

Problems specific to this sector

  • Maintaining an exact record of working times and the various operations performed by employees who are often on the move, in order to meet legal obligations.
  • Improving the coordination of employees' working schedules to ensure that the right number of experts with the right level of qualifications are assigned to each contract.
  • Keeping a close eye on activities and operations, identifying those contracts which are profitable and those which are losing money,
  • Controlling annual working hours, overtime, temporary work and absences.
  • Allowing managers to focus on their operational functions by reducing their administrative burden.

Horoquartz solutions for B2B services

The eTemptation suite contains various modules dedicated to time management, schedule management and the coordination of activities in the B2B sector:

  • HQ Planning manages the schedules and activities of your teams, ensuring that you meet your contractual obligations. The module can also help you to find reinforcements when problems arise.
  • HQ Time is an automated time management solution, monitoring employees' working hours and absences. The module also includes various tools allowing you to track the time your employees spend on each mission.
  • HQ Activity offers various activity monitoring functions, with modules allowing for remote data input and integration with your ERP.

Expertise and best practices

Horoquartz solutions are used by a broad array of businesses in the B2B service sector: IT services, consultancy, cleaning, maintenance, security, landscaping etc.

They allow users to accurately record the allocated and actual hours worked per project, in a manner tailored to the demands of their professional environment. For professionals who are often required to travel, Horoquartz's mobile solutions (web, smartphone, tablet, portable terminals etc.) make it easy to input data directly into the central system wherever you are.

Full integration of these mobile solutions with our clients' internal IT systems is essential in the fast-moving B2B sector, ensuring that contract and project details are fully up-to-date in the ERP, allowing for more efficient scheduling and analysis of time allocation and profitability.