HQ Integration: activity tracking fully integrated with your IT system

Integrating your activity tracking solutions with your information systems is crucial to the success of your operational management. Horoquartz offers a range of integration solutions and services for your ERP, MES and production and project management systems. With over 500 systems up and running, our teams have developed an unrivalled expertise and tried-and-tested methodology.

The main objectives of HQ Integration

  • Synchronising your IT system with activity data and production information (objectives, quantities, time, quality etc.), project data (progress, remaining tasks etc.) and R&D and customer service targets.
  • Cutting the cost of integration by drawing upon our experience with the leading software editors and their solutions (SAP, SAGE X3, CEGID, M3, Oracle Applications, Microsoft AX, Microsoft Project).
  • Reducing the risk of design errors with our tried-and-tested methodology.
  • Using Business Intelligence solutions to analyse your performances more effectively.

The advantages of HQ Integration

HQ Integration provides tools designed to facilitate communication with the majority of ERP systems on the market, allowing you to synchronise your activity tracking programme with your internal IT system.

HQ Integration incorporates technological building blocks based on batch data communication, web services and peer-to-peer communication. Horoquartz solutions can be customised to match the formats and standards imposed by different applications, saving you the cost and effort of adapting your ERP.

The expertise and know-how of our consultants is the best possible guarantee of smooth deployment and successful integration with your IT system.

How can you get even more from the integration of your IT system ?

If you're looking to track your activity, chances are you need pertinent, reliable performance indicators which will allow you to produce activity reports consistent with the nature of your activity. The integration solutions offered by Horoquartz are increasingly designed to integrate your activity, production and project tracking solutions into your decision-making systems. The idea is to use Business Intelligence solutions to get the most from your activity data.

What can HQ Integration do for you and your teams ?

  • Guaranteeing the reliability of data across your whole IT system.
  • Making it easier to track and analyse activity.
  • Standardising your various activity tracking processes.
  • Making your activity tracking processes faster and more reliable.
  • Allowing managers to focus their energies on productive activities, cutting down on administrative tasks.
  • Directly involved with the recording of activity data.
  • Full traceability of operations, from their work stations up to the ERP.
  • Getting rid of double entries and other sources of error.
  • Real-time monitoring of the progress of production, projects and contracts.