Production monitoring

HQ Activity : real-time production monitoring !

Horoquartz has a comprehensive range of shop floor data capture solutions, allowing you to more effectively monitor your production. Horoquartz's industrial devices are equipped with all the functions required for real-time production tracking, with rapid updating of your ERP, MES or production management system. Horoquartz's production monitoring solutions are already in use at over 500 industrial sites.

The main objectives of Horoquartz's production monitoring solutions

  • Ensuring the reliability of production data and avoiding the need for subsequent corrections, with real-time checking of information.
  • Tailoring your shop floor system to fit your context and constraints, with customised configurations designed with your operators in mind.
  • Providing all of the information you need to keep track of production in real time: time spent, MO progress, passed/rejected quantities, quality, equipment efficiency etc.
  • Synchronising your ERP, MES and production management system with data from the shop floor.
  • Providing your production management with a comprehensive reporting to effectively measure the performance of teams and equipments. 

A broad range of industrial devices to facilitate production monitoring

Horoquartz offers a wide range of industrial terminals to cover all of your workshop capture needs: fixed terminals, portable terminals, industrial PCs. Due to their modular design, they adapt to your environment (rugged screens, industrial cases) and to the very nature of data to be collected. They support many barcode devices and communication modules (wire, wifi, GPRS).

How can I get even more from my production monitoring with Horoquartz ?

Do you want to compare your operators' working hours with the attendance hours? Using our production monitoring modules in conjunction with our time management solutions allows you to rapidly identify discrepancies and make the necessary adjustments.

As well as tracking production, do you want your employees to punch in and out using their industrial devices? All Horoquartz devices offer this dual function.

Are your employees regularly on the move? Horoquartz also offers mobile production data entry solutions, via tablet or smartphone.

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What can production monitoring do for me and my team ?

  • Real time production monitoring, with reliable performance indicators.
  • Allowing you to refocus your attentions on controlling and optimising production operations, reducing the administrative burden.
  • Perfect synchronisation of workshop data with your ERP.
  • The guarantee that the information you receive from your workshops is reliable, and has been checked at the source.
  • Doing away with various time-consuming forms and spreadsheets.
  • Easy to compare working hours with production times.
  • Data entry tools perfectly suited to the production environment, avoiding unnecessary operations and ensuring data is always reliable and always available.
  • Option of receiving individual or collective performance indicators.