Activity tracking

HQ Activity: track the activity of your teams to optimise performance

HQ Activity is one of the modules included in the eTemptation suite, dedicated to tracking the activities of your employees. It offers a range of functions which serve to improve the recording of working time data, track the progress of projects and output, and ultimately help you to assess the profitability of your operations.

The main objectives of HQ Activity

  • Attaining greater control over production by collecting data at the source and in real time.
  • Tracking the profitability of your projects, your R&D and your services more efficiently, with decentralised recording of time spent on tasks and immediate comparison with the time allocated.
  • Keeping your ERP, production management and project management systems up-to-date, with automatic input of activity data.
  • Cutting down the time spent collecting, checking and consolidating activity data with optimised data entry and confirmation processes.

The advantages of HQ Activity

HQ Activity can be tailored to match your activity tracking needs, with customised data entry functions and validation processes. The module can be integrated with your ERP to monitor the progress of production, projects and customer services.

HQ Activity provides all the indicators you need to track your activity rapidly and reliably:

  • Production monitoring: time allotted vs. time taken, quantities, progress, traceability, equipment effectiveness etc.
  • Project monitoring: comparing time allotted to projects with the actual time taken, identifying discrepancies and areas to improve etc.
  • Monitoring services: budgets, profitability, service rates etc.

How can you get even more out of your activity tracking ?

By using HQ Activity in conjunction with our HQ Time module you can easily identify problem areas where the time spent on activities does not correspond to the attendance time.

The activity tracking module can also be combined with HQ Planning our schedule management module in order to plan the time your employees spend on different activities, tackling problems as and when they arise.

Last but by no means least, Horoquartz's Business Intelligence solutions for activity tracking provide crucial analyses to help you assess your performance.

Activity tracking_download file HQ Activity

What can activity tracking do for you and your teams ?

  • Greater visibility of all operations and activities.
  • A clearer idea of the actual performance results of your teams, identifying areas to be improved.
  • Clear, factual data to help you benchmark your activities.
  • Efficient, objective tracking of profitability of your production activities, projects and services.
  • Greater visibility of current operations, problems and necessary changes.
  • A simplified procedure for recording activity data.
  • The guarantee that their performance will be assessed on the basis of concrete facts.
  • Less time spent collecting and checking activity data for their teams.
  • More responsive management, with real-time identification of problems and fluctuations.
  • Full traceability of all data required for activity tracking.