industrial terminals

The aims of our production-tracking industrial terminals

  • Simplified production data collection with fixed or mobile input terminals at operators' workstations.
  • Improving the quality of data from your workshops, with real-time checks at the source.
  • Improved production management thanks to efficient ERP or MES updates.

The advantages of our production data acquisition solutions

  • A broad range of terminals to cover all of your data gathering requirements: fixed industrial terminals, industrial PC, mobile handsets.
  • Industrial terminals which can be easily integrated into your IT network via RJ45, Wi-Fi and GPRS connections.
  • Compatible with numerous devices for data collection via barcodes.

Which industrial terminal is right for your production tracking?

industrial terminal _eTsmart_Horoquartz

eTSmart is a multi-purpose industrial terminal for production data entry. With a 7" screen and keypad designed for use in workshop conditions, it is compatible with a broad range of scanners and barcode devices.

industrial terminal_eTProx_Horoquratz

eTProx IP 65 is a robust, water-resistant industrial terminal designed for production tracking in harsh environments.

industrial terminal_industrial PCs_Horoquartz

Our industrial PCs come in reinforced cases. Their highly-resistant tactile pads guarantee their longevity and ease of use, simplifying production data entry even in tough industrial environments. They are compatible with numerous barcode devices and communication modules. They can also be used to display performance indicators such as OEE, MTBF etc.

Portable Industrial Terminal

Our portable industrial terminal is designed for mobile data entry in workshop environments. Robust and shock-resistant, they can be easily connected to your production tracking system or MES via Wi-Fi or GPRS.

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