Activity tracking

Activity tracking: keeping your performance under control

"If you cannot measure it, you cannot control it" (Lord Kelvin, English physicist) Monitoring the activities of your employees is crucial to understanding the profitability of your operations, cutting costs, identifying weak points and boosting the overall performance of your teams. Horoquartz's activity tracking solutions make it easier to measure the time spent on different tasks and analyse performance.

With eTemptation, find out just how important effective activity tracking can be

  • Reduce the administrative work involved in collecting data on your employees' professional activities.
  • Keep track of the time your employees spend on different tasks, comparing the allocated times with the actual time taken.
  • Obtain fully reliable activity data allowing you to calculate precise cost prices, for comparison with your budgets and sale prices.
  • Pilot your activities in real time, identifying shortcomings and points for improvement and taking the necessary measures immediately.

eTemptation: your guarantee of effective activity tracking

  • Key performance indicators helping you to monitor the activities of your teams and the time spent on different projects, products or client contracts.
  • A solution compatible with most ERP systems, project management solutions and commercial management systems currently on the market.
  • A tried-and-tested methodology, with over 500 clients across all sectors of activity.

Our Philosophy

  • The majority of our activity tracking clients use this tool in conjunction with our time management modules, allowing them to keep track of attendance hours and actual working hours.
  • Integration with our schedule management tool allows you to automatically import timetable data and compare the time scheduled with the time actually taken.
  • Our activity tracking tools are easy to implement, with full-web architecture, a unique database and an optimised design for maximum flexibility and adaptability.
  • These are invaluable decision-making aids, with integrated reporting, performance indicators and an array of Business Intelligence Tools.

eTemptation offers activity tracking tailored to your needs

HQ Activity keeps track of the activities of your employees in terms of production, project management, R&D and services. The system makes it easier for employees to enter their own activity data, while also providing the management with effective steering tools.

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