Business Intelligence Solutions


Easy to use Business Intelligence solutions!

The data handled by your Horoquartz applications can be a major source of added value, given their full potential to make fact-based business decisions. Time management, scheduling and activity data, as well as access control information, are essential tools for analysing and understanding the performance of your teams and your operations. They become even more pertinent when cross-referenced with information from other applications.

All Horoquartz solutions - both the eTemptation suite and Protecsys 2 security suite - incorporate a specialised business intelligence solution (BIRT). This makes it even easier for users to enhance the reporting services provided by the applications with further analysis.

Moreover, the eTemptation data warehouse makes it easy to consolidate workforce management information and transfer it to your company's own data warehouse. The data is structured so as to be accessible to all of the leading BI tools on the market. You can also use your corporate tools (SAP BW, IBM, SAS, Qlickview, Microstrategy, Tableau,...)

Horoquartz has developed a comprehensive range of BI services, working with one of the leading names in this sector: Business & Decision bring their technological and methodological expertise to support the construction of your BI solutions, based on time, schedule, activity and access management data.

Advantages for our clients

  • Decision-making tools which are easy to use, with an agile deployment methodology.
  • Ease of use, with the option of using Horoquartz solutions or other BI tools already in place in your company.
  • A data structure designed with BI in mind, using a standard data warehouse which makes it easier to combine data from different sources, and export information to your own data warehouse.
  • A comprehensive range of Business Intelligence services, via our partnership with Business & Decision.