Architecture and platforms

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IT architecture and platforms: performance is our priority!

Did you know that time and schedule management applications are often among the most used software tools in business, second only to email? Access control systems are also, by definition, used by all employees. The functions offered by solutions are potentially multiplying the number of users. These applications need to offer reliability and service rates which are beyond reproach, allowing them to handle large numbers of users. In developing our solutions, we at Horoquartz have opted for technologies and systems architectures capable of guaranteeing the highest levels of performance, flexibility and robustness.

Full-web solutions: reducing implementation costs and constraints, with full-web solutions using html standards. This architecture serves to optimise communications by limiting bandwidth usage, and facilitating deployments on massive configurations.

Flexibility: we know that clients don't always want to be tied down to a specific technology, and in order to meet this demand while offering superior technical functionality Horoquartz solutions are compatible with the most popular operating systems (windows, linux, unix), as well as most databases available on the market (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, PostGre).

Scalable solutions: in the event of a significant variation in your activity, Horoquartz solutions are capable of rapidly adapting to new environments volumes and platforms. They are also equipped to handle load balancing operations in order to manage unpredictable variations and avoid overload of any single resource.

Compatibility: Horoquartz is well aware of the importance of protecting past investments, guaranteeing maximum compatibility with your existing software and hardware solutions.

Advantages for our clients

  • Our solutions can be used with the majority of platforms available on today's market, ensuring that they are compatible with your IT architecture and do not require further investment in hardware or training for your teams.
  • Optimised applications allowing you to reduce your investment in IT resources (servers, databases, networks).
  • Connected applications offering web services and EAI tools, for easy integration with your other IT systems.
  • Solutions with the proven ability to handle substantial volumes efficiently and robustly (up to 100,000 employees, with thousands of simultaneous connections), minimizing technical risk during deployment.