Visitor management

P2 Visitor: a visitor management solution allowing for a better welcome and greater security

P2 Visitor allows you to better coordinate the welcoming of visitors to your facilities. This tool allows you to cut down on waiting times and issue visitors badges more rapidly, guaranteeing the security of visitors throughout their time on the premises.

Main objectives of P2 Visitor

  • Boosting the performance and quality of your visitor relations department, with better advance preparation for visits.
  • Reducing the workload placed on staff, allowing them to pre-register and approve visits using the P2 Visitor workflow.
  • Cutting down the time visitors spend waiting at reception, by printing documents immediately and preparing access badges in advance.
  • Reducing the risks of hacking or damage to facilities by ensuring that visitors are covered by your access control system.

The advantages of P2 Visitor

With P2 Visitor, simplify your visitor management! The pre-registration function allows you to prepare and approve visits in advance, with a centralised system which serves to simplify the welcome process.

Integrating visitor management with the functions of the Protecsys 2 Suite allows you to manage visitor access rights with the use of badges, programmed to be valid only for the specified locations and time periods.

P2 Visitor also features a reporting module, ensuring full traceability of visits and visitors.

Visitor Management_download file P2 Visitor

What can P2 Visitor do for you and your teams ?

  • A system designed to facilitate relations with the relevant authorities.
  • Readily-available site visitor statistics.
  • Visitor management becomes less time-consuming.
  • Individual visitor records.
  • Counting the total number of visitors.
  • An exhaustive list of all people present on site.
  • Managing group visits.
  • Visit requests can be submitted online.
  • Visit request approval/denial issued rapidly.
  • A full-web solution, easy to install and maintain.
  • A solution which can be integrated into your access control system.