Image processing

Optimized security image processing

IP video recording servers have revolutionized the storage of IP camera footage. The processing servers provide added flexibility by optimizing smart video surveillance systems.

The main objectives of Horoquartz CCTV solutions

  • Eliminate the need for video surveillance staffing thanks to an intelligent autonomous system: predetermined scenarios and interoperability (access control, intrusion, technical alarms).
  • Facilitate image processing with secure, remote access to recorded footage.
  • Provide high-definition, tamper-proof image quality to facilitate processing and decision-making.
  • Reduce operating costs with a central IP server that stores all footage.
  • Improve response time and evidence gathering by providing intelligent search functions (zone-based search based on pixel movements).
  • Guarantee your investment by offering a storage solution compatible with most IP cameras available on the market (ONVIF).

The benefits of Horoquartz image processing and storage solutions

Horoquartz offers a full range of image processing and recording servers, customized according to the number of cameras, the storage period and the desired playback quality.

The solutions proposed are compatible with over 900 IP cameras on the market and 80 suppliers. You can easily scale up your fleet of IP cameras without compromising your investment in servers.

The integration between Protecsys 2 suite and the video processing software allows you to add video recording to your access control and intrusion alarm management system. You can create triggers and notifications based on certain events (break-in, aggression, alarm activation, access to prohibited zones, etc.).

By integrating the image processing in P2 Scada, the Horoquartz supervision solution, you control all the components of your security system from a single graphic user interface.