IP Cameras

Horoquartz IP cameras: a range for any need and any budget 

Horoquartz offers a full range of IP security cameras. They can be used in any type of business and any operating environment: indoor/outdoor, wired or wi-fi, low light or disrupted conditions, etc.

Our cameras provide security for people, equipment and goods and help control visitor or customer traffic.

The main objectives of Horoquartz video surveillance cameras

  • We offer camera models that meet your needs and your budget.
  • We offer IP camera solutions that easily integrate with your network, with wired or wireless connectivity, for main or secondary sites, even the most remote.
  • We provide communication interfaces to facilitate the integration of the cameras in your security system.
  • We help control costs when it comes to migrating analog security cameras and CCTV systems to IP video solutions.

The benefits of Horoquartz IP cameras

Horoquartz offers a wide range of IP cameras to meet a variety of needs and operating environments:

  • Day/night IP cameras
  • Fixed dome or motorized (PTZ) IP cameras, or cameras on rails to provide closer views and avoid blind spots
  • License plate capture cameras for vehicle identification and car park management
  • Infrared cameras to facilitate alarm verification
  • Thermal cameras to identify people or animals at night or in disrupted environments
  • Micro-cameras

Our cameras integrate easily with your global security system thanks to programming interfaces and interoperability standards, in particular the ONVIF standard.