Video surveillance

Intelligent video surveillance solutions

Dissuasion is always the best form of defence, and video surveillance remains the most effective deterrent.

Horoquartz offers video surveillance and video protection systems designed to reinforce your surveillance operations and maximize the security of your facilities, protecting your perimeter fence with image analysis technology.

The main objectives of Horoquartz's video surveillance solutions

  • Surveillance of your facilities, clearing up any doubts in the event of an alarm
  • Identifying trespassers
  • Rapidly locating the source of alarms
  • Detecting intruders entering your site
  • Deterring potential break-ins
  • Reassuring your staff by guaranteeing the security of your car park and premises

The advantages of Horoquartz's video surveillance solutions

With 30 years' experience installing security systems, Horoquartz works with you every step of the way: from identifying your precise requirements through to installation, configuration and maintenance.

Horoquartz has long-standing partnerships with the leading manufacturers, making us perfectly placed to help you find the system which best corresponds to your needs.

Integrate your video surveillance system with your access control arrangements

P2S can coordinate video surveillance systems from various brands, such as Milestone, CamTrace, AXIS, Samsung, Hymatom, Bosch and other leading manufacturers.

P2S can boost the cohesion and performance of your access control system, with native integration of video surveillance and protection technologies.

Your site security becomes easier to manage, and easy to adapt to new circumstances. Horoquartz can make this process run smoothly, with technological solutions such as interactive mapping, video wall management, alarm management and image analysis with advanced search functions.

Integration with our P2S suite allows you to rapidly analyze all potential threats, save images from access requests, perform visual ID confirmations etc.

What can video surveillance do for you and your teams ?

  • A single point of contact for all security questions
  • Teams on hand locally
  • A flexible system, compatible with all major technologies
  • Solutions which are ergonomic, intuitive and easy to use
  • A greater sense of security
  • Protection of personal belongings
  • A security system perfectly adapted to the risks you face
  • System implementation which respect the applicable legislation.
  • Solutions which meets the latest industry standards
  • An opportunity to switch to cloud servers
  • Technical support team based in France
  • A single point of contact for all installation, implementation and maintenance tasks
  • A partner with a proven quality management system