Supervision solution

P2 Scada: a supervision solution allowing you to centralise security data

P2 Scada centralises control of your security systems into a single tool. Horoquartz has developed a considerable expertise in the field of security systems integration, and P2 Scada features a bank of over 150 protocols allowing for communication between different devices and systems.

The main objectives of P2 Scada

  • Monitoring all of your facilities and protecting your investments, thanks to a solution compatible with over 60 security equipment brands.
  • Cutting down on training and implementation costs by providing a single tool compatible with all of your systems.
  • Optimising the use of your application with our custom design tool, allowing you to personalise your display screens and image selection.
  • Cutting down response times by immediately locating threats, using the real-time surveillance function integrated into the software.

The advantages of P2 Scada

With Horoquartz's P2 Scada tool you can create your own bespoke supervision solution, tailored to fit in with your existing set-up and communicate with the various systems in place.

An extensive bank of protocols (over 150) and compatibility with all leading security systems on the market ensure that P2 Scada can be easily integrated and adapted to your IT set-up.

P2 Scada is a high-availability solution, adapting to reflect the ergonomic constraints faced by your security personnel.

How can I get even more from my supervision system ?

P2 Scada can be integrated with your access control system, automatically reporting unauthorised access attempts.

The application can also communicate with P2 Safety, for full integration with your intruder alarms and technical alert systems.

Supervision solution_download file P2 Scada

What can P2 Scada do for you and your teams ?

  • a security system perfectly adapted to the risks you face.
  • boosting your image as a high-tech firm.
  • A single, centralised surveillance tool.
  • Simplified training.
  • Better information, with settings and scenarios tailored to reflect the threats you face.
  • A single solution, easy to install and maintain.
  • Standardised protocols compatible with equipment from other brands.
  • Easy transition from your old systems to this single solution.