Support and maintenance services: guaranteed continuity of service!

Keeping your system in optimal operational condition is a top priority in order to guarantee a constant level of security and user satisfaction.

Whatever technologies and configuration you use, Horoquartz has a maintenance plan tailored to your requirements, covering support and assistance as well as preventive and corrective maintenance.

Horoquartz offers a responsive, local service. All operations are recorded and documented. This traceability is a vital asset for the continuous improvement and operational control of your system.

The Horoquartz service contract

The Horoquartz service contract offers a range of options allowing you to strike the right balance between level of service, operating constraints and budget considerations. Your customised service contract will cover all of the components of your system (software, hardware, video equipment, obstacles etc.) and provide essential peace of mind.

We offer 3 levels of service for the maintenance of your Horoquartz solution:

Our Premier Contract includes preventive maintenance services to ensure that your system does not depart from its original condition. This helps to prevent system failures and guarantee the continuity of service.

Our Median Contract includes preventive and corrective maintenance services in the event of a failure. It takes into account the cost of labour and call-out fees.

Our Total contract also includes preventive and corrective maintenance services. It covers all costs connected with labour, call-out fees and spare parts.

Telephone support, remote assistance and software updates are included as standard in all maintenance packages.

Continuity of service

We also offer round-the-clock packages for telephone support or even call-outs outside of standard opening hours.

Guaranteed Response Time

Horoquartz offers contractual guarantees of a response within 4 or 8 hours, depending on the level of service chosen.


Horoquartz's extensive expertise in the installation, maintenance and operation of critical systems has allowed us to develop a portfolio of TPAM services dedicated to security systems.

Horoquartz offers different formats of TPAM services based on clients' expectations and the terms of their chosen SLA: operational maintenance, environment management, corrective/preventive/upgrade maintenance for software and hardware, application/system/interface management, hosting.

Horoquartz's promises are written into the service agreement. They cover both the organisational aspects of the service and common tasks.

A single number to call: a designated contact is appointed for each TPAM contract. This contact becomes the client's first port of call when implementing new services, drawing up a Quality Assurance Plan and conducting qualitative and qualitative assessments of our services.