Access Methodology


Access control and security: certified deployment

Installing and deploying an access control, intruder detection or surveillance system requires a clear methodology and advanced industrial implementation services. This demanding commitment to quality is essential to establishing a system which is completely in line with your requirements and capable of rapidly detecting and neutralising threats. With 1000 systems in operation in 28 countries worldwide, Horoquartz has a unique wealth of expertise in the deployment of security solutions, working with businesses of all sizes and sectors, from SMEs to major multinationals.

Methodology comes first

Horoquartz's deployment methodology is founded on a certified project management system.

Analysing the security of the whole site: identifying all possible internal and external threats while seeking to minimise the impact of security measures on production processes and operations.

Creating a bespoke solution: taking into account the flow of employees and visitors, the technical and functional demands of the facilities, the functions required by users and the location of security systems. This phase also includes integrating the new security solutions with systems already in place, including your IT system.

Scheduling the project: organising your teams, setting deployment dates, managing risk, steering the change, establishing a communication strategy and identifying deliverables for every step of the process.

Deployment of the solution: installing and launching the solution to meet your specifications, respecting the launch schedule and providing post-launch support until the project is up and running and signed off.

Certifying the solution: with internal inspection procedures, test situations, incident resolution and full checking of compatibility and interactions with other systems.

Piloting the change: with a personalised training plan tailored to the needs of your teams, pre- and post-launch support and creation of the necessary communication tools.

Advantages for our clients

  • Reducing the duration and cost of the implementation cycle with the help of a comprehensive, standardised project management methodology.
  • Reinforcing the security of your facilities with a 360° analysis of risks and security requirements.
  • Minimising the risk of compatibility issues with other systems and materials.
  • Helping users to get to grips with this solution, with constant support throughout the transition and a bespoke training programme.
  • Reducing your exposure to security risks in the event of a system failure, with the help of integrated Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP) and Business Continuity Plans (BCP).